1. Top tips from me is I really love a hot breakfast so have a sweet rice
    congee it’s easier to digest than other hot breakfast cereals and you can
    add anything you want to it. My favorite is chestnuts (starchy nut and
    yummy) cayenne and turmeric. I agree 801010 is the way to go cooked or raw.
    If you work a 9-5 job (like I do) bring more fruits veggies roasted veggies
    than you think you could possibly eat, sometimes I make vegan oatmeal
    cookies to take; oatmeal, bananas, apple, cranberry, cinnamon

  2. Have you tried Funk Butter by oyinhandmade? I haven’t tried it myself, but
    I believe it’s vegan. And they have an unscented butter so you won’t smell
    like a girl.

  3. This wont show me how old the video is…but great video…this is how
    people should be in general about their beliefs. And you’re being what I
    would consider a REAL vegan and it’s awesome so good for you! Helps those
    of us who are just learning about it!

  4. cannabisbisbisbisbis

    lol i thought you were durianrider when i saw the thumbnail cause he wears
    that same shirt in every video

  5. Very inspirational video! I was going to ask the question about the “eating
    too much fruit”, so I’m glad “Spazirae” asked that question. I think you
    mentioned some great tips, I am definitely going to put them into practice.
    And yes, I’m a little bit guilty of being..”pushy”..to family and friends
    about going Vegan. So the last bonus tip in this video was important for me
    to hear;) Vegan4Life!=)

  6. Problem with eggs is that you’re eating an animal product. It also means
    you’re supporting the slaughter of hens and day old male chicks (by
    purchasing the eggs). At “Farm Sanctuary” they crush up the eggs (shells
    and all), and combine it with the feed, to feed it back to the hens that
    laid the eggs.

  7. That’s a naive view of things. Not all animal products are from big factors
    for mass production. All my animal products come from local farms. I live
    on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada, and many of the grocery
    stores carry plenty of locally farmed animal products that have been raised
    in a humane way and don’t have any hormones or antibiotics put into them.
    So no, I don’t support the slaughter of hens.

  8. I’m gonna say something socially nasty (I, obviously dont think it is). I
    love how guys smell when they dont use deodorant. Well, just guys who I
    like but, yeah.

  9. What do you eat when your hungry tho no way fruit and vegetables will
    satisfy you for the day eating a lot of nuts, seeds, nut butters, lengumes
    is what I do and I refuse to eat any type of bread or any grains after
    reading the book wheat belly it seems impossible to find anything besides
    fruits and veggies you can actually eat which I cannot do and plus you will
    be deficient in many other nutrients that fruits and veggies don’t have

  10. Wheat Belly is BS. Fruits and veggies have all the nutrients you need (look
    it up!!!), and if you eat enough their satisfying. You have to focus on
    high calorie fruits like bananas, dates, mangoes, mamey sapote, jackfruit,
    etc. Cut down on the fat from nuts and seeds and replace it with either
    fruit, or cooked veggies like potatoes, yams, etc.

  11. Hmm didn’t know you can get everything from fruits and veggies I’ll have to
    see at least and give it a try I’ll just have to find those high in
    calories, theres fruits with iron, magnesium, and b12? cuz i know that’s
    hard for vegans to get some nutrients without certain nuts or seeds. Also
    wheat belly is bs? I thought that stuff was really bad according to what
    the author said not sure about his credibility but it seemed to make a lot
    of sense

  12. Iron and magnesium are pretty easy to get. B12 supplementation is generally
    a good idea, 40% of people, vegan or not, have B12 issues. Also, look at
    pictures of the author of Wheat Belly. He is SUPER FAT. Not a good sign for
    someone promoting a weight loss strategy. Read books by Barnard, McDougall,
    etc. They get massive results on their starch-based vegan programs.

  13. Thanks I’ll have to look for those. Also not sure if this is bs as well but
    I’ve seen many sites saying that eating too much fruit because of the high
    sugar and fructose makes many like dates high glycemic index which leads to
    diabetes also because of the acidity of a lot of fruits they say that it
    can ruin the enamel of your teeth and cause tooth decay, is this stuff true?

  14. Hahaha. Yeah, fruit is the reason that everyone is so sick these days.
    They’re all eating so much fruit! Read Barnard’s Program For Reversing
    Diabetes. Great book that demolishes diabetes myths.

  15. vegan? your shirt should say Vagina, cause you look like one. scrawny with
    zero muscle mass… almost borderline anorexic if not already there. get
    some protein in your diet pal, from animals. i love animals, to eat!

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  18. Awesome video thanks for sharing! I just uploaded a video on vegan
    transition tips as well you should check it out 🙂

  19. Thanks for this video. I made two attempts at going vegan and realize that
    I was probably eating far too much grain. My mom raised us on rice beans
    salad with meat as a side dish. So phasing out meat and dairy was not an
    issue but I was totally ODing on the brown rice, nuts…. So going to make
    another attempt. Also this time I’m going to try and not discuss it with
    anyone since I’m tired of hearing how unhealthy it is from my
    coworkers…luckily my family pretty much sees the value.

  20. That was your ancestry driving you to eat nuts (fat). Nature was trying to
    tell you something…

  21. ewww id rather eat meat tastes better.. vegies taste like s#it!!!

  22. http://ow.ly/qZ4fr Video of the Day-3 Excellent Tips to become Vegan.

  23. Thanks for the video!

  24. I like Top Tip #3!
    I just wanted to say top tips.

  25. helpful! thx

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