1. How to Handle Critiques from people C: because as Vegans, We often get
    asked how we can live without Bacon. We get that a lot. 😀 :D

  2. Love your videos thanks for making them girrlll :)

  3. Nice video 🙂 I’ve come to realise people take food personally. It helps to
    let people ask you questions when they are ready. Eventually they will ask
    ‘why are you vegan’ – I just tell them my story of health, how my migraines
    stopped, how it saved my dads life and then recommend forks over knives if
    they want to learn more. When talking about the animal cruelty side I only
    talk about it if they say something specific like ‘ok but why not eggs?’.
    Baby steps with main points and don’t push. Like you said Hazel, most
    people choose to go vegan after doing their own research when they are
    ready – it’s a slow process but it’s a positive one!

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