1. skwegisnotmyrealname

    Ive had goats milk though 🙂

  2. True! It doesn’t really bother me when people eat meat around me, its when
    they do not know where it has come from and how it is produced. And if they
    do, they should go organic and local. For me, I still wouldn’t eat anything
    from an animal. That’s a personal choice c: But yes, you’re 100% right. If
    one wants to continue eating meat. Ensure its local and organic c:

  3. I love your video, and I agree with you. Eating vegan helped me maintain a
    healthy weight during recovery after surgery, even though I couldn’t work
    out. Do you also work out?

  4. Hey!!

  5. It wasn’t the diet it was that on that one diet you paid attention to what
    was going in your body giving u less chances to eat bad stuff

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  8. Oh wow, you really are smart 🙂 I’ve never been someone who ate much meat
    (simply because I’ve never really liked the taste of it) but yesterday I
    started a vegan diet 🙂 I think I’ll give myself a pescetarian cheat day on
    the weekend, because I really like fish. But I think starting off slowly is
    the best way to manage your whole diet change 🙂 Thanks for your tips, I
    subbed you <3 Hoping to hear more from you soon!

  9. Hey! Girls.!

  10. Heyyy that’s awesome!!! Welcome Vegan Sister c:c: The longer you become
    ‘vegan’ the less you’ll want fish. Keep up the awesome work

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  15. Omg meet too I lost a lot more weight while I was a vegan I weight 120 now
    I’am 113 everything you said has happen to me and I’am only been vegan for
    4-5 months ……vegan is the best way to Lose wa

  16. like this one :)

  17. Thanks great video realy motitvate me to do it ! 

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  19. I am a recently turrned vegeterian, during summer when I was eating meat I
    lost tons of weight by undereating, but then I started over eating because
    of the low calorie diet wasn’t the best way to go, now I am vegeterian I
    see myse;f eating more dairy, maybe I should go vegan? opinions? Is it okay
    for your health and can you eat bread on a vegan diet? Thanks if anyone
    answers! :)

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