Valentine’s Day Partner Yoga | Tony Horton Fitness

Valentine’s day is coming, so today I’m going to teach you some awesome couples / partner yoga postures! This is a great way to practice your body alignment,…


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Updated: February 10, 2014 — 10:00 pm


  1. Valentine’s day is coming, so today I’m going to teach you some awesome
    couples / partner yoga postures! This is a great way to practice your body
    alignment, balance, focus and TRUST!

  2. Awww Tony is in LOVE!!!! I’ve never seen him glow so bright. Even after a
    workout!!! LOL

  3. Tony, what if you are alone on V day? I kid, no way the missus will join me
    in this though, she will think I am after something! Friday is MMX anyway,
    but this could be a great cool down!! Law 9: Find a balance! 🙂

    However, it is Valentines, so I love you bro, you have been a life changer
    for myself and my friends, loving your new book at the moment!

  4. Tony, your girl is exactly like I pictured it would be. Fit (feminine fit,
    not ripped), beautiful, competitive and with humor! Great video, thanks a
    lot for P90Xs and all you do for fitness and people.

  5. awesome!!

  6. Great video Tony! Super cute as well. 

  7. thanks for sharing fitness videos Tony! ur souch an ispiration =)

  8. I looooove your dog. Sweeeet <3

  9. What’s more romantic than couples Yoga for Valentine’s Day? Did you say
    “NOTHING!”? I thought you would! Check out these awesome couples/partner
    poses! THE perfect date night!

    Get P90X here and do Yoga X with your sweetie any time:-

  10. darkpaintballer0666

    Great video tony!

  11. Thanks for this. My lady and I will give it a go.

  12. Aww so sweet. Nice to see you bonding with your other half…

  13. How sweet, and effective those moves were. Thanks for sharing 

  14. Love it!

  15. Cute Factor 10 out of 10

  16. LOVE the videos Tony! 😀 Thank you!!! ^_^

    And you have a Beautiful wife! 😀 Its nice to see her. ^_^

  17. I’m so excited to do this on Valentine’s day!! Thanks +Tony Horton, you’re
    the man!

  18. It’s so great to see You together Tony! Congratulation to Your Love she is
    really beautyful! Wish You to be very happy together!!!

  19. Hey tony love you videos my man!! 😀 your awesome!! There is never a dull
    moment watching your videos!! quick question.. i have been wanting to know
    this for awhile… how long do you go without having a cheat meal or day?
    like once every week? or every other week? ive been really trying to trim
    this lower fat and i just want to know about this issue! thanks man your

  20. Modified version for us singletons please :P

  21. Beautiful couple!!! Is that a Watch Hill, RI??

  22. aw i love the little family!!=) 

  23. She had found her Superman

  24. This is just adorable! Thank you for sharing!

  25. Great video Tony :-)

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