Using SIMPLE and CONVENIENT Portion Control and Calorie Counting to Lose 5 kilos Fast

There are not too many ways that you can lose 5 kilos in a healthy diet without measuring your food portions and counting your daily calories. It is a tedious business, and its easy to get confused with the labeling used on prepackaged foods and ingredients nowadays.

The fact that something has “lite” or “low fat” or “diet” mentioned on the product packaging means absolutely nothing as far as the actual calorie value in your daily food plan.

The only way to control your calorie and fat intake the old fashioned way is to get out your kitchen counter top ‘diet scales’ that can weigh the miniscule portions you are allowed.

You need to create a daily food plan with around 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day in TOTAL. So get your calorie counter book out and start to calculate what the calorie value is for the food and the portion sizes of the food you eat right now, by keeping a Daily Food Journal. This will show you how many calories you eat every day right now, and give you some idea of how much food and what kind of snacks you need to remove from your diet every day.

It’s never too late to start enjoying the benefits of a healthier lifestyle to stave off aging. People who became physically mindful of what they eat and do cut off their risk of dying young. This longevity boom kicks in only after five years of maintaining better health practices. Even fat you don’t see can kill you. If you’re overweight and suffering from diabetes, you probably also have a fatty liver. This raises your risk of developing illnesses that go beyond just that organ. So, it’s time to cut fat by being mindful of your portions during meals.

There are ways to reduce your meals. One could be waiting for about ten minutes. Your stomach needs that length of time to signal the brain that it’s full. So, wait before helping yourself to a second serving. Keep the conversation going, or, if you’re dining by yourself, read the newspaper first and do a crossword puzzle. If you’re still truly hungry after that delay, have the vegetables and salad instead of the sweets. Don’t make it a point to always leave your plate clean. Most of you eat everything you’re served no matter how big the portion. A better strategy would be to eat the ideal portion and then stop. It’s better to waste a little food and save that for tomorrow than to overload your body. And if you’re eating takeaway food, put the right portion on a plate before putting the package away. Sit down and enjoy your meal by taking your time over it.

If you’re used to healthy amounts of servings, go big on the healthy stuff instead. Overload your plate with vegetables and salad, or have a big steaming bowl of stock-based soup. These water-rich, low-fat foods are low in calories, so a big portion isn’t the problem here. Try using smaller plates as well because the less space on the plate means automatic portion control. When ordering out or buying at the supermarket, choose the smallest size of any high-calorie item. Calories you haven’t purchased can’t end up around your waste.

Also put away any leftover before eating. It’s easy to sit down on a healthy plate of food. The trouble brews when your plate is empty and you have more food sitting in front of you. The solution is to pack away and store leftovers before you sit down for your meals. That way, having a second helping takes more of a conscious effort and feels more inappropriate. It’s also easier if you buy foods rich in calories in individual serving packs. But always make sure to read the label first. Many packaged food and drinks may look as if they provide just one serving but in all honesty are meant to serve two or more people, and the calories and other nutrition information on the label are just for one serving. The solution would be to see the number of servings per container first, and then be sure to eat and drink just what’s for you.

Should you crave for more, add celery, carrots, and tomatoes with your meal. Add the volume with apples, oranges, and watermelons. That way, you get all the fiber and feel as if you’ve consumed more than what you need.

If all the above information, of controling your calories the old fashioned way just makes you feel hungrier and already ‘deprived’ of your favourite foods, you will be happy to learn that there is a simpler way to achieve your goal to lose 5 kilos or more quickly.

You can choose to enjoy the convenience and simplicity of using a healthy diet meal replacement program for two of your meals every day. Just mix a delicious protein based vitamin drink into fruit juice or soy milk smoothie, or add it to a cup of soup, or stir into yoghurt, or sprinkle over a bowl of cereal, or stir into your porridge – the ways you can enjoy your protein energy powder is only limited by your imagination. Then make sure you add the best natural herbal based vitamin supplements in the world, so that you have dynamic energy while you lose weight.

Then the best part of this healthy diet is that for one main meal of the day you can eat pretty much whatever you want, just be sensible about the portion sizes. You can have your favourite pizza for dinner or lunch if you want to, just eat two slices instead of 3-4!

This is the simplest and most convenient way to stay on a really low calorie diet while still enjoying your normal foods once a day.

Imagine, instead of feeling lethargic, hungry, deprived and miserable on your weight loss plan, you will have enough energy to be bouncing off the walls every day, and actually enjoying your delicious smoothie drink ‘diet’!

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