Using an Xtreme Bowflex Home Gym for Better Fitness & Weight Loss

Whether you’re an athlete in training or a stay-at-home parent, purchasing your own home fitness equipment gives you the opportunity to perform your workout routine whenever it’s convenient. This holds particularly true if you have a busy daily schedule making gym visits difficult, or you live too far from the gym to make traveling there convenient – or both. An Xtreme® Bowflex Home Gym or a similar home fitness equipment set-up offers a simple way to work out whenever you want.

Overview: A Bowflex Xtreme® Home Gym Review

As a professional rock climber and climbing coach, I train for climbing myself at home, as there is no commercial gym nearby. Many of my students have busy schedules that don’t allow for huge chunks of the day to be donated to traveling to and from a gym, much less setting aside and hour or two for their exercise programs. This is why I often recommend the use of Cheap At-Home Rock Climbing Training Equipment, as this makes it easier to fit climbing (or other sport-specific/general fitness) training into a day or evening.

What happens, though, when resistance bands and other home exercise equipment no longer push the person in question to make the fitness gains they desire? To boost your weight loss and get better fitness, you need to continue increasing the resistance of the strength-training exercises you’re performing. This is where a piece of home fitness equipment like the Bowflex Xtreme® 2 SE comes in, allowing you to take your home exercise programs to the next level.

The Xtreme® Bowflex comes with an instruction manual for easy set-up, along with a DVD, illustrated exercise manual, and color poster depicting the 70+ exercises you can perform using this home gym. Set-up took one evening, and learning to use the equipment proved straightforward as well. After one session, I was already convinced that having my own home gym would improve the quality of my training.

One of the key reasons for this is that, even though the Bowflex Power Rod® technology isn’t exact or true weight (meaning, for example, that according to the Bowflex, I can already do a one-arm pull-up, which I can’t), the Power Rods® don’t allow the user to employ momentum to their advantage. So whether you pull the weight quickly or slowly, the resistance remains the same, making for safer and more beneficial weight training.

Ten Xtreme® Bowflex Exercises for Climbers & General Exercise Programs

I’ve developed the following hour-long, après-climbing home gym training routine using the Bowflex Xtreme® 2 SE. You can easily transition this workout to commercial exercise equipment, and you can also conduct some of the exercises (or variations of them) using exercise bands, a pull-up bar, weight vests, and/or body weight, such as substituting weighted wide-grip pull-ups for the wide-grip lat pull-downs.

Please note that while this home fitness equipment exercise program was developed with rock climbers in mind, anyone in search of exercise programs to enhance weight loss and get better fitness can benefit from this all-over toning and conditioning program as well, especially when combined with a healthy diet plan and regular cardio exercise.

Warm up adequately before you begin your home gym training session. Perform two to four sets each of the following exercises twice a week. Use the first set as a warm-up for the specific muscle group, setting the home gym at a resistance level that allows for 10 to 12 reps. Rock climbers and others wishing to push muscle power gains should then increase the resistance for the following sets so that only three to five reps are possible.

  1. Wide-grip lat pull-down.
  2. Normal grip lat pull-downs using separate hand grips. See Photo A.
  3. Single arm triceps pushdown.
  4. Overhead gaston triceps pushdown. See Photos B (start) and C (finish).
  5. Seated lat row.
  6. Bench press.
  7. Seated shoulder press.
  8. Dead lift.
  9. Squat.
  10. Overhead front shoulder raise. See Photos D (start) and E (finish).

Enjoy Better Fitness With Bowflex Xtreme® 2 SE Home Gym Exercise Programs

For both rock climbers and others interested in weight loss and better fitness, a piece of home exercise equipment like the Xtreme® Bowflex can provide the necessary motivation. Ease of use and availability make ignoring exercise programs more difficult, while the potential to lose weight and climb harder or play your sport better encourages regular use.

Add in additional sport-specific training sessions, including home exercises such as Abdominal/Core Exercises & Workouts for Climbers and grip strength training, plus regular cardio exercise and a healthy diet plan, and you have the recipe for weight-loss success and better fitness. Whether you’re a rock climber in training or just a person who wants the body of a rock climber, acquiring your own home fitness equipment like the Bowflex Xtreme® can help you meet your fitness goals faster.

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