Useful Tips About Senior’s Fitness

by Nikky Wates
(Naples, Florida, USA)

It is important for middle aged and elderly people to keep up their fitness levels. When we talk about senior’s fitness we generally refer to those 55 years and above. At this age your body loses the fitness you had when you were younger. Unless you continue to keep strong and healthy you may find yourself more prone to aging diseases.

There are many exercises that seniors can do including aerobics, swimming, walking and sports such as tennis and golf. All of these activities keep you healthy, get you outdoors and allow you to socialize with other people. These are ingredients for a healthy lifestyle, regardless of your age.

Many gyms and health clubs have fitness programs for seniors. These can involve weight training, yoga and cardiovascular activity. Cardio is highly important for older people as keeping cholesterol; blood pressure and weight down will go a long way towards preventing heart problems and heart attacks.

Seniors health could not be spoken about without mentioning nutrition. Just as with people of any age, seniors must pay attention to their diet and keep up a regular intake of vegetables, lean meats, fish and fruit.

If you are not keen on exercising alone, join a local seniors group which may hold regular walks, fun runs, tennis games, golf rounds, cycling trips and other fun activities. Most local areas will have groups like this set up for seniors.

There is no reason why you can’t be exercising regularly in your eighties and beyond. This section of the website will help you do just that!

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Updated: April 15, 2013 — 5:59 pm

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