Upper Body Exercises

If you are willing to improve your body shape and to gain power in your chest and arm muscles, you will have to commit for working out some upper body exercises on regular basis. Some of the upper workouts are very simple and can be done at home without needing any exercise machine or equipment. You will also not need an expert’s advice to do these exercises such as regular push-ups and pull ups.

The Easiest Upper Body Exercises

Push-ups are an effective exercise that will help you to improve the strength of your arm muscles and the shoulders. This exercise will also help in the growth of chest muscles and will tone up your abdominal muscles. Push-ups also help to increase strength in your triceps, chest and shoulder muscles. You can include this exercise in your regular upper workout. Some of the popular variations of this exercise are diamond, elevated and wide grip push-ups. Pull ups will help you to strengthen your biceps and forearm muscles. Pull ups also offer a good workout for your upper back muscles. Chin up, wide grip and close grip pull ups are some of the best exercises to improve your upper back and Latissimus (Lats) muscles. Other sets of exercises that will help to improve your arms muscles are press ups. Bench press ups are considered to be one of the best exercises to get big arm muscles. While these easier upper exercises can prove to be a good warm up for a while, you can increase the intensity of these exercises by introducing some weight. However, weight exercises are a bit complicated and if you are a beginner, it would be better to start with a workout without weights for the first few days.

Always Warm Up!

Some of the easiest warm up exercises that may help before you engage in your workout are running, swimming and walking. You may use your treadmill or recumbent bike machine to warm up. If you have proper instruction and equipment facilities or if you are a member of a regular gymnasium, you may also opt to perform chest fly, pec-dec, bench press and resistance band chest press exercises.

In order to improve your arm muscles such as biceps, triceps and forearms muscles, some really effective exercises that will help you are reverse curls, dumbbell curls, free weight pulley exercises and seated dumbbell curls. Dumbbell back extensions will also help you to improve your arm and back muscles.

These exercises are meant to improve your upper body also help you to improve the balance and precision of your entire body. There are many exercises that will help you improve the coordination between different parts and muscle groups of your upper body. Your upper body also includes the abdominal muscles. By regularly working on your abdominal muscles, you can develop six pack abs on your body that will increase your attractiveness. Good shaped and healthy abdominal muscles also confirm that you are in healthy shape and there is no extra shed of unwanted fat on your body.

Some of the best upper body exercises to help you maintain your abdominal muscles are abs crunches, bicycle crunches and ball abs crunches. Some other easier exercises to strengthen your upper body are dumbbell shoulder shrugs, one arm dumbbell rows, bent barbell rows, back extensions, dead-lifts and kickbacks. These upper body exercises help you to improve the muscles of your shoulder, arms, chest and upper back making you healthier and stronger than ever!

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