Unwind After A Stressful Day

by Alexander Miller
(Brisbane, Australia)

You go to work and you’re faced with a truckload of issues and challenges. You tackle these like a professional, but as soon as you step out of the office doors, you also need to let go of the problems you’ve dealt with in the office.

Leave what’s for work on your desk, and as soon as you punch out, you shift your focus to yourself. Liven up your downtime at the end of the day because you need to keep stress levels to a minimum. You know you owe it to yourself to do this. If you don’t relax, your health and sanity could actually pay the big price.

First of all, you need to mind the clutter. For stay-in nights, make your place conducive to relaxation by putting things in order. Build a relaxing, positive space in which to decompress at the end of each tiring day.

Turn your room into a more restful and tranquil setting by changing the sheets, rearranging the furniture, and putting in fresh flowers. A lot of how you’ll feel will depend on the place you’re in, and when you reduce the clutter, you also reduce the feelings of anxiety.

Of course, you also need to work stress out of your system by taking up an after-work exercise regime. Hit two birds with one stone by developing a fit physique and venting the pent-up, negative energy out of your body at the same time.

Exercise helps the mind to feel more in control and able to manage stress. Sign up for an early evening yoga or kickboxing sessions and stretch or kick those tensions away, or enroll in a dance class to reconnect with your adventurous side by seeing if you have a talent for it.

If you have the time, have a night out with friends. There’s no better way to de-stress after a long week of long and endless grinding by engaging in what you can call a friend therapy. Let your pals help you manage the stress.

Whether you and your buddies are into day-long spa sessions, shopping sprees, club-hopping, or talking over funny past experiences at home, be sure to leave your significant other behind and enjoy some bonding time with the people who love you just as much.

If, on the other hand, you want to spend a romantic evening with someone, you can try to prepare a romantic meal such as a fondue and share that just by using the same fork. Chocolate always helps make you feel better because it produces endorphins, that hormone responsible for making you happy.

Whatever your method may be, live big right now, whether you’re in or out of work. Don’t get too focused on the niggling details that you forget to enjoy what you’re doing.
Step back and take stock of the bigger picture. Nothing is worth your health and wellbeing, and remember, as long as you do your work to the best of your abilities, you’re boss ought to be more understanding.

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Updated: June 3, 2013 — 12:29 am

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