Understanding the Power of Chocolate

by Anna Butros
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

At one point or another, we all love chocolate, especially when we were kids; it was in our nature back then and even now today, half of us in the world will continue to eat chocolate and feel guilty about it afterwards. For most, all those chocolate cravings never stopped and still even though half of people out there would never admit it, say they hate chocolate and could live without it but really they can’t, they love it, it’s an addiction really and no-one would admit they love chocolate.

The truth is today everything and anything could be made from chocolate and we would like it, it’s one of those flavors that everyone seems to like. You can have chocolate on pretzels, even sometimes having with bacon and eggs which does seem quite disgusting but yes people do seem to look towards that and even – and this is truly one of the fewer things that people would try, but insects could be covered in chocolate.

For many people across the world, their cultures are different and chocolate can be thought out to be something of a treat or prized item and not like what in many other countries around the world have chocolate. In many countries, people only have chocolate once a year and not every day or whenever others would be able to; this is of course not a good food in so many factors because many believe it is fattening as well as being unhealthy in your diets.

However, studies have shown that chocolate and eating chocolate can actually be good for your health. That might sound strange and for many to believe this, it really is, however, chocolate is made from cacao beans and these beans are ground or melted into chocolate liquor. The fat element in that, cocoa butter and cocoa powder is also there which is a non fattening element mixes in with different quantities with things such as milk, nutmeg, sugar, vanilla and vegetable oils.

Even though that is the case, the quantities are different and many scientists believe that dark chocolate is the best form of chocolate to eat. Now just having sugar, cacao and fat and mixing together will produce dark chocolate however but there are not actually any other ingredients in dark chocolate, that means there is no milk or vanilla in this produce will mean the taste is a little bitter than regular chocolate but there is also a high cacao content.

That is great for health or what the scientists are saying to be the case anyway; this can be a good thing because the dark chocolate will have things called antioxidants which are flavonoids which helps more blood get to the brain and the flow equals out just right and keep you more awake or alert for longer.

Everyone’s bodies needs these antioxidants because the aging process is slowed down and can stop any damage done to the brain cells and cells in our bodies and keeping the arteries in good shape. This can lead to the blood pressure being low also; of course the body will be alert for longer but not everyone does like dark chocolate or the taste of that. With dark chocolate however, this has theoboromine which is something similar to caffeine that gets the energy into the body and boosts it up dramatically though there will not be any fidgeting with this.

There is even a great antidepressant associated with this dark chocolate which really gets the body moving, stimulated and just overall a little better to up your mood. Of course, even though dark chocolate can be good, this should not be eaten at every opportunity, this has still got a lot of calories in every bar and all those fats also which can be harmful to people. You shouldn’t eat too much of this because the fat intake will increase and it can be dangerous for those that is eating too much of this.

Just eating one piece of dark chocolate every day can help and boost your mood more, it is not something that you should eat everyday but a nice treat to have every now and again.

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Updated: August 4, 2013 — 7:37 pm

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