Understanding The Causes Of Fat Loss

by Babs ‘O’ Reilly
(Miami Beach, Florida, USA)

‘Fat’ has become such a bad word that we sometimes forget that it is an essential component of a healthy body. It does serve a function to make sure we are able to move and perform our daily activities.

Fat loss can occur naturally because it is being used up by the body. Learn the causes of fat loss to understand how it could affect your diet and exercise regimen.

Causes of fat loss

Performing common daily tasks

The body needs energy in order to perform many tasks. Common everyday tasks such as walking, running, talking, even moving the muscles to lift something requires different amounts of energy, depending on how much effort is required. This concentrated form of energy causes the body to lose fat, albeit in small amounts.

Physical exercise

Another cause of fat loss is deliberate physical exertion brought on by exercise. In order to perform the movements required in common exercises, the body has to expend fat in the form of calories to make up for the increased amount of energy required to move.

The more difficult and prolonged the movements are, the tougher the exertion and the more calories get burned. The result? Efficient fat loss.

Lack of proper nutrition

The lack of sufficient nutrition in the form of food can cause fat loss. This explains why people who are not able to get enough food to eat are emaciated. The body simply has no resource to tap.

The problem with this type of fat loss is that the body does not get many of the essential nutrients that it needs. Without these nutrients, the body cannot keep healthy.

As a result, it becomes vulnerable to diseases and illnesses that are associated with nutritional deficiencies.

Hunger or sickness

Other causes of fat loss include hunger and sickness. If a person has nothing to eat or has an illness or disease, the body tries to cope with the lack of nutrition by cannibalizing itself.

It first uses up its fat reserves because these are what it normally burns to help the body perform its normal functions.

The problem here is that while the body does experience fat loss, it does so only because of extreme reasons. If the body is not able to obtain sufficient nutrition, for example, it could continue to use up all its fat reserves until there’s nothing left.

If this happens, it will then start burning up proteins from the muscle mass. The muscles then atrophy and the person experiences weakness and other health problems.

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Updated: October 31, 2012 — 3:03 pm

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