1. I wonder if he’s raising his baby vegan. Hope so!!

  2. First, now gimme money

  3. Oats are ok, like root vegetables, legumes, beans, starches aswell. RAW
    fruits/vegetables are KING tho & all whole cooked staches are QUEEN!

  4. mac zig, the holy grale of whoop ass

  5. drug free, yeah good joke

  6. Your chest tear healed up since you were last sparring? You need more fat
    on those muscles as the top middleweight/light heavy/heavyweight mma champs
    have!!! You should put up videos fighting in the cage instead of swinging
    on mac’s nuts… I’d like to see you getting your face smashed to humble
    you on the many lies you spread about health!

  7. Hey durian make a video showing all ur meals in a typical day in ur life!

  8. YES!!!! Very inspiring!!!

  9. …where you give more every-day tip like chris jones do, show a complete
    day what you typically eat, what to think about to get everything a human
    body need in vitamins minerals etc etc making it easier for ppl like me to
    atleast try living your way to start with maby weekends or vacations.. that
    would help me a lot more than just saying others are wrong … hope you get
    my point, def not hating.. then i would just have un-subbed 😉

  10. psychologystudent93

    I am a massive fan of yours and your educated rants are top notch. A small
    question though, you must train/compete with non vegans but these
    competitiors must be at a very high level of fitness/health too. Are they
    disadvantaged compared to yourself? Are they winning as often? Do they have
    peaks of health like a boxer trains for a fight? Or are they heading for a
    fall in later life?

  11. keep telling yourself that. im glad you’ve finally found some meaning in
    your life for once you pedophile cunt. remember that time you tried to rape
    that 10 year old girl and everyone beat the shit out of you?

  12. i like to have fun with that guy. it doesn’t matter what i say he just goes
    “defeated!” i’ve recently been studying maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how
    it relates to development throughout the life. his ideas on peak
    experiences have, in my opinion, been extremely misinterpreted and
    undervalued. i never even learned about them as an undergrad and i feel
    like the implications are staggering for therapy and general growth
    potential. you should check it out and let me know what you think.

  13. ahh yes of course the expensive phone that magically changes seize into
    cease for absolutely no reason. don’t worry everyone believes you…

  14. would you, or anyone for that matter, be angered by some random guy online
    obsessing over you? a guy who doesn’t know the difference between the word
    cease and seize? it would be hard to take a person like that seriously,
    dont you think? what’s entertaining about this is how intense you are about
    it. you poorly try to bully people online, because in real life youre a
    huge pussy. not to mention a fucking retard. i mean who gets cease and
    seize mixed up… that’s bad

  15. do you want me to ignore you and stop responding? because i’m kind of
    enjoying this and that would be a shame. i mean how often do you encounter
    someone who makes up intricate lies about someone else to make themselves
    feel better, and also doesn’t know what the word “cease” means?!? it would
    be a shame to say goodbye to you. ignorance and anger can produce some
    hilarious results. so let’s have it, ha ha defeated blah blah

  16. oh yes please, defeat me even more while i defeat all over myself

  17. i’m glad that you finally have found meaning in your life by pretending
    like you know me and can actually have any affect on my life. im curious as
    to how long you will keep this up for

  18. glad to hear it. maybe after a few months of this youll learn the
    difference between cease and seize.

  19. youre so desperate for attention you wont even message me back because you
    need the audience or you cant get off.

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