Type of Exercise Using Your Own Body Weight

Most people think that the more machine the gym have the better it is. This is somewhat true if you are unable to perform exercise using your own body weight. But if you are fairly active and can jog or run the chances are you can perform body weight exercises.


One of the advantages of using your body as a weight is that you carry the weight around so any exercise would be considered “functional”. Every where you go you have to carry your own weight. Just imagine, if you workout and you use your body weight as a resistant every day activities like walking, going up the stairs would be a piece of cake.

Utilizing your own body weight as a resistant can also save you some money. How? well since your body weight is free and there are available workout programs like turbulence training that utilizes your weight you won’t have to pay for gym memberships! Body exercise can be performed virtually anywhere as long as you have enough space.

A couple of body weight exercises examples are squats, push ups, burpees, sprinting, running, lunges, abdominal exercises. As you can see you have a lot of body weight exercises to choose from. All of these excercises are also compound movements which means that it will utilize more than one muscle group. Which intern burns more calories.

I would highly recommend to everyone that they exercise using your own body weight if you can. If not let that be one of your goals. The freedom you ahve using your own body weight is phenomenal.

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