1. I was thin and in my early twenties when I was diagnost with PCOS. My
    weight was average when I finally got pregnant at 28 and miscarried 6 weeks
    in. I do not have any children. It took me a very very long time to accept.
    I would cry everytime I saw a pregnant woman. I left jobs when it seemed
    like everyone was pregnant. I shop the walls. We don’t eat processed foods.
    I admit I do buy ice cream. It is hot in TX. I am 40 pound over weight now.
    I am 42 years old. I can still cry.

  2. hello Jillian I have pcos and do you have a list of foods that I should be

  3. godsprincessforever7

    OMG i NEVER knew Jillian has PCOS!!!! its awesome to know that a famous
    person has a knows what im going through. btw my doctor put me on
    metformin. she wont do birth control cause it can put weight on you and I
    also have a thyroid problem as well.

  4. well coconut milk but it is thiner than reguler milk so dont expect it to be

  5. I have a few videos about this.

  6. I get so sad about all those health advices. I’m the most healthy person in
    my group of friends. I eat no junk or processed food, exercise daily and am
    far from obese. Yet I don’t have my period and have to be on the pill. So
    frustrating. I’m only 18 years old and I want to cry every time I think “oh
    my gosh, I might never have a baby.”

  7. Hang in there, hun. I totally understand. I’m 33 and have rarely ever had
    my period naturally. I can’t tolerate birth control at all. You’re still
    soooo young! There’s alot of time to still try and figure out what might
    work for you. Hang in there!

  8. Анна Малкович

    wow, wow. I know that does not help but somethings always sucks and if you
    think about it, sucks even more, it is like for example if you have acne (a
    topic very close to my heart) you see all these clear skinned people
    complaining about nonexisting pimples and want to kill them, the fuck they
    know, but as a result you push yourself emotionally into the wall and you
    become mierable and stuck, just try all kind of treatments and go on
    fighting, cause it is worth fighting for

  9. Анна Малкович

    also I had a friend who found a very good homeopath, that helped her with
    her period which was screwed by her anorexia, she had it since age 15 for 8
    years, so maybe try that direction, just do not give up, human body is a
    mistery in the end, I know my comment must be not to helpful, but I hope
    you will get through

  10. Анна Малкович

    also I remeber she took many other things, I just never memorized thing
    that did not work for her cause I felt like they were not worth it

  11. im skinny but i still need to take the birth control

  12. Gosh, I love Jillian.

  13. Whether you like her or not, she makes some great points about PCOS. Go to
    an endo – don’t rely exclusively on your gyn. http://youtu.be/tk8bIKdMFVw

  14. Research shows the average weight gain from birth control is 2lbs. If it is
    more than that, then there may be an alternative method of birth control to
    look at.

  15. AmyCharlieNBabies

    youtube.com/user/amyNcharlie 🙂

  16. Thank you. Just thank you.

  17. I have pcos for about 2 years.The doctor gave me a special birth control
    pill. I stopped using it 2 months ago and didn’t have my period yet.Now
    that I heard that youre not supposed to do it that quickly I am even more
    afraid. I didn’t even had all of these symtoms just the cysts.Had a regular
    period no hair and I am and wasn’t overweight at all. Please help me I have
    an appointment in 3 weeks ..

  18. awesome video! ive just been diagnosis with pcos today and I just don’t
    want to be chain to the birthcontrol and do not want to put the underlying
    problem in the closet till it is brought up again. so I am taking the bc
    scheduling an appointment with the endocrinologist and continuing my
    weightloss journey.

  19. i wud like to know : is there chances that a girl without Pcos in early age
    , will get pcos later or in future???

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  21. Jillian has been a major inspirtion to me while on my PCOS journey. I loved
    her on the biggest loser and then used the body revolution to help me
    jumpstart my weight loss…after 15 lbs loss I just found out I am
    pregnant…I was very nervous about carring a baby while I am still
    overweight…but with Jillian I feel as if I have the tools to keep us both
    strong and healthy. Thanks Jill…(what I call her when she is kicking my
    but via dvd)…Love you Sis

  22. Aw I love her. I can relate on everything she said. 

  23. girl crush <3 she needs to talk more about PCOS and how to live with it

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    first ever comprehensive guide to PCOS that explains and solves PCOS for
    all causes, all influences, and all women.*

  25. Is it possible to have PCOS misdiagnosed? I haven’t ever had a period, but
    I was extremely underweight and I ran 5-6 times a week. I have a more
    normal weight now and I still don’t have a period. My gyn said I have
    pcos.. but I’m pretty sure I just fucked up my body so badly. 

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