Total Body Workout with Smooth EVO XCITE Elliptical Trainer

(PRWEB) November 20, 2004

The problem with walking and running is the impact on the body with every step. This not only strains joints, but puts constant pressure on a person's back. The XCITE offers a natural elliptical motion that simulates walking or jogging in a smooth, fluid manner. This motion is designed to tone glutes, legs, hips, chest, back, and arms. The unique elliptical design reduces the impact to joints and the lower back, while exercising the muscles in your upper and lower body.

The XCITE is designed to simulate natural movement of the body. When working out on the XCITE there is a perceived lower level of exertion. But in reality, a person is getting a more strenuous exercise, since they are working out numerous muscle groups at the same time. By simultaneously working out the upper and lower body a user will burn more calories and fat in less time than a lower-body-only cardiovascular machine.

The XCITE is built with commercial quality components. It is designed to withstand light institutional use, but the price is comparable to residential models. The elliptical mechanics make the XCITE sound virtually silent even during a hard workout.

The best exercise equipment is one that is used. To that end we equipped the EVO XCITE with a variety of challenging programs. They are designed to motivate the users into losing weight, while getting themselves fit.

The XCITE is also built with the innovative design of handgrip heart rate controls on the moving handlebars. Most ellipticals are built with the heart rate control grips on a stationary bar. The user is unable to workout the upper body when utilizing the heart rate control, therefore they are unable to get a upper body workout.

The XCITE is also built with adjustable foot pedals for optimum stride for any size user, and it comes with a generous warranty that includes 3 years parts and 1 year service.

Suggested retail price is $1,799. For more information on not only the XCITE elliptical trainer, but the complete line of Smooth EVO treadmills, ellipticals and home gyms go to http://www.EvoFitness.com

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