1. Cool, how much fat could people lose? My dad lost 3 stone after studying
    Fast Fat Furlong. Just google it 🙂

  2. this video was awesome.

  3. Coffee&Sweets

  4. I had more issues giving up carbs than i did smoking cigarettes

  5. French fries are my weakness… so good but so bad for you 🙁 it’s the only
    junk food I have a hard time saying no to

  6. Randa Bowen-Germain

    This videos are helping me lose weight

  7. this video is full of ignorance, potatoes are not empty calorie. a potato
    is a vegetable is not a refined product. you americans are so obsessed with
    carbs, but carbs are not the problem, but refined sugar and fat. look here,
    in italy we all eat a lot of pasta, but we’re not obese, so stop to put
    disinformation on youtube please

  8. a cappuccino is not creamy is MILKY for God sake, what’s the problem with a
    cappuccino sweetened with stevia?

  9. Anything in excess will cause weight gain and eventually obesity if
    sustained. Weight gain and weight lose is all about calories in vs calories
    out; its thermodynamics. No food should be labeled “obesity causing”,
    rather lifestyles and overall daily food intake leads to obesity.

  10. sweet

  11. Have you heard about Stupid Simple Slimming? (check it out on google) It is
    a quick way to melt fat fast.

  12. Thank you so much for this series of videos! I am overhauling my lifestyle
    at age 45 and am also having to override a Southern upbringing (fry it,
    whatever it is! and have a little tea with your sugar.) I am really
    enjoying these videos, I think Corrina is very well spoken and
    professionally dressed (I did see that video, too, about complaints (good
    grief)) I look forward to more of your helpful and life-altering videos.
    Thank you so much.

  13. I love fried food and everything supposedly bad. I am not fat and
    physically fit. I would much rather die from a massive heart attack in my
    60s than whither away in my 90s with something like Alkziemers.

  14. Fried egg, bacon, sausage and bread for breakfast, lovely.

  15. so dont eat anything….fu

  16. Now I’m hungry…

  17. I can’t stop looking at her boobs.

  18. Awesome Video! my husband was overweight & he tried all kinds of things but
    he never succeeded. im woried about his health. Luckily, I came to know
    that the body to maintain healthy pH,converts all extra Acid in the body to
    Fats and these Fats will never be given up. one day i searched an iPhone
    app called “myPH” by lokesh in my Samsung Android app which helps to track
    and maintain pH in a very simple way. Now Iam So Happy Bcoz my husband
    reduce 12lbs weight like this way

  19. listen again at 11.25, fried food at hi. temperature change the molecule
    structure of food

  20. Sweet and salty

  21. BEWBS!

  22. Well said

  23. Copy and Paste into Google Fat Blast Formula and you will find out how some
    foods ‘explode’ in your stomach.

  24. Her nose looks funny…

  25. Salty

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