Top Ten List of Books for Diet and Weight Loss

Weight loss is the number one New Year’s resolution amongst many. The first thing that must come to even reach a weight loss goal would be to acknowledge the paths of your new weight loss plan. Diet and weight loss books reflect the possibilities of those paths, as each year diet and weight loss books are climbing in sales. In the last several years people have seemed to step away from diet and weight loss pills, and into a healthier mind over matter solution. Ever since, these books have become a more popular avenue to journey. Here are the top ten choices of diet and weight loss books to help you reach that weight loss goal. Amazon.com holds a large selection of diet and weight loss books. This year they offered their top twenty diet and weight loss books. The best I find would be the physician ratings where a physician personally rates each book’s value when it comes to the medical community upon the subject of diet and weight loss.

Good Calories, Bad Calories Challenging the Conventional Wisdom on Diet Weight Control and Disease by Gary Taubes is a great book if calories is a foreign word to someone seeking a diet and weight loss path. Good calories are described with suggestions, as the same applies with bad calories. This book makes it easy to understand calories, something that can be curved to contribute to diet and weight loss. Three physicians offer their five-star rating on this book for offering safe ways to better the health within the path of diet and weight loss. This diet and weight loss book goes for $18.45, and is worth every penny at Amazon.com.

The Biggest Loser Fitness Program Fast, Safe, and Effective Workouts to Target and Tone Your Trouble Spots by The Biggest Loser’s Experts and Cast helps a person workout and get results. You have seen first hand what diet and weight loss strategies are offered when watching the Biggest Loser, however this is the one time you can say that “it doesn’t only happen on television”. This diet and weight loss book is ranked high on the list of readers, as it goes for the low-price of $14.93 at Amazon.com.

Making the Cut The Thirty Day Diet and Fitness Plan for the Strongest, Sexiest You by Jillian Michaels causes a ripple effect of interest. For those seeking a better diet and weight loss, this book can be very beneficial. You do not have to plan to look like the sexy woman on the cover, she’s been doing this for a while. In losing weight one must consider burning calories in different ways, as this shares the physical labor of a weight loss plan. Geared to shape-up most, before purchasing this book make sure that these exercises are approved by your doctor. Most would say alright, however it’s always best to be on the safe side. This book goes for $16.47, and rates high amongst the readers, one of the many reasons that this book can be found on any top ten list of favorite weight loss books. This book can also be found at Amazon.com. Now to step out of the Amazon jungle into another great place to find beneficial diet and weight loss books.

All Book Stores also has a wide variety of diet and weight loss books, however some (just as in Amazon.com) should be left on the tree. For each dark sky there is a shining star, as All Book Stores shares G.i. Diet by Rick Gallop. G.i. Diet is the number one Canadian best-seller, as Gallop has and takes the easiest path when it comes to weight loss. Dipping into the human body, Gallop finds the Glycemic Index. By definition, the GI (G.i.) is a measure of the results of glucose and carb (carbohydrate) levels. For example, when glucose is released into the bloodstream after carbs break down in digestion, this is considered GI. What you place inside of you counts, as Rick Gallop helps you get there. One of the best upcoming, and affordable as well. This diet and weight loss book is priced at $10.95, and can be found at AllBookStores.com.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Boosting Your Metabolism by Joseph Lee Klapper can also be found at All Book Stores. This 315 page educational experience can make the world of difference to those who have little or no idea as to what a metabolism is. A learning lesson well worth the purchase, as this energy seeking book goes for $16.95. Klapper’s version of “metabolism for dummies” has been published for a year, and remains a favorite paperback when teaching others about the metabolism.

Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat by Peter Walsh is a fun 256 page diet and weight loss book. Walsh takes the yellow brick road, and offers a view into the wizard of you. Wisdom is key, as Walsh offers answers to why, how, and where someone eats. He glazes a reality check resulting in no more calorie counts along with other moments of logging weight loss information. Break free from the weight loss plan that only keeps you chained into a “program”. Mr. Walsh helps you get there in this book. This paperback diet and weight loss book is sold for $14.00 at Borders.com.

The New Sugar Busters to Cut Sugars Trim Fat by H. Leighton Stewart is found at Borders as well. This 384 page diet and weight loss book helps those with diabetes, or other obstacles when it comes to sugar. This is also a great book to help someone lose weight by encouraging factors such as questions with answers. This book goes for $7.99, and even though it is five years since being published, it has grown in popularity in the last several years. Worth the trip to Borders, or the visit to Borders.com.

Diary of a Diet A Little Book of Big by Hannah Jones is another fun book, as Hannah explores personal experiences to help others reach their diet and weight loss goals. This 296 page, recently released paperback goes for $15.95. The motivational health guide that Hannah offers hope, a benefit in any world. A little book with big results. The Diary of a Diet can be found at Borders.com. Stepping away from Borders, we walk into another online store.

Eat This, Not That by David Zinczenko with Matt Goulding Rodale (inc.) is quite a dietary seller this year, as it shares weight loss in avenues that deserves the attention from CNN. Everyday Health diet and weight loss books are found at incredible prices. Here you will find Eat This, Not That at half off with free shipping (you can’t go wrong there). This paperback book at Everyday Health goes for $9.97. With this weight loss book, one can find a fresh path of personal decision on consumption. Wiser than most books that reflect consumption guidance, and rated high on value. Eat This, Not That is as easy to understand as this book’s title, another great diet and weight loss book.

The Food Doctor is in with the weight loss book Food Doctor Everyday Dietbyby r Marber second for Ian. The Food Doctor even shares links so that you can enjoy reading some of this book before purchasing. This diet and weight loss book is under $20 in most areas sold, and the same applies to The Food Doctor. With online purchasing availability, an example to read, and the path to take one off of the treadmill forever, this book is a keeper. Therefore, this book makes it in the top ten diet and weight loss book listing. This diet and weight loss book is found at TheFoodDoctor.com

With these top ten choices in diet and weight loss books, one can change their lives with the help of knowledge.

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