1. thanks a lot for posting this video

  2. would almond milk be ok to drink…

  3. Very informative. thank u.

  4. Great tips!

  5. @ArielBlaise Dairy stimulates insulin production as much as white bread

  6. thanks for these tips, personally me diet is healthy which is why my
    symptons arnt too bad- but damnit! I love milk D:

  7. Would it be okay to eat/drink goat and sheep milk and products? Or are they
    just as damaging as regular dairy?

  8. @poweroverpcos I’ve noticed apple cider vinegar tablets/capsules being sold
    in health food shops in Sydney, Australia. Is this recommended or is it
    best to use the liquid form?! Thanks.

  9. This makes a lot of sense. I’m sure it’s not a surprise to anyone but my
    doctor didn’t even MENTION insulin resistance. I was on the Dr. Bernstein
    and felt fantastic…..funny, the diet promotes EVERYTHING that is in this

  10. Hello!! I had a weight loss surgery 6 months ago since loose weight on my
    own was very hard due to the PCOS…. We all know dairy products provides
    calcium, protein, etc that’s important for our diet, what’s a good
    substitute for that?? Specially for wls patients… Please help!!!!

  11. It is so hard to eat healthier, especially when you are not raised to eat
    healthy. Where I come from, there is a limited amount of healthy
    alternatives; Faster foods and unhealthy foods are more convenient. Instead
    of smashing a piece of chocolate cake when I’m stressed out, I could go for
    a walk or eat some apples and wheat crackers or something. Hang in there,
    ladies…there is hope for us and one day we will be blessed and have the
    children that our hearts desire.

  12. @kissmequick07 You’re welcome! 🙂

  13. im 15 and was diagnosed 9 months ago. I absolutely hate this crap! Its
    depressing and embarrassing. Thank you for your video, I had no idea about
    the dairy products…I drink a lot of milk, but that will have to STOP. I
    pray to God every night that he will help me conceive a child when I marry
    in my life. I just am so sick of this, kids make fun of me at school
    because of the side effects, I just sucks.

  14. @aiy19sha That is correct. There are other ways to ensure healthy bones,
    dairy is not essential for this. Speak to a health professional about
    getting a good quality calcium & vitamin D supplement, and eating plenty of
    vegetables, nuts, salmon, sesame seeds, and at least 2 serves of fruit

  15. @shawna1320 No they’re not dairy.

  16. @iluye Yes, you just need to be aware that those milks (except coconut) are
    often high in carbohydrates.

  17. @SoundThruTheStatic see my ACV article on the Power Over PCOS blog (it wont
    let me put a link in here so just go to poweroverpcos (dot) com (slash)
    blog 😉

  18. Hang in there, PCOS can be beaten. Take things one step at a time and
    follow the weekly email tips provided free at my website.

  19. You’re welcome, thanks for checking out the video 🙂

  20. Yes, it can cause fatty liver which is associated with insulin resistance.

  21. Glycemic Index. Please see glycemicindex(dot)com for info 🙂

  22. Wht is PCOS ?

  23. thank you very much for sharing…would pcos be a cause for exessive hair
    loss, thanks

  24. Thank you for this video :o) I’m going to buy some spearmint tea right

  25. thank you sooo much just found out i have pcos. a little scared but now i
    know what to do,

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