1. You want to know how to lose weight.First remember these things an try to
    prevent them.Drinking water an even bottled waters are contaminated by
    intentional metal dumping.The government an private industry put metal in
    your water.If you will allow rat poision (sodium fluoride) then dont be
    surprised.Now consider the food you eat carries some of those
    metals.Because cows an animals eat them.But not most vegetables.Now buy a
    water filter that removes metals.Now just eat Red Cabbage for 4 days.

  2. Big O titties

  3. Thanks for the info and for being great eye candy

  4. The simple trick that improves my diet Alot waswatching some decumonteries
    about fat people , processed food industry , fast food chaines , how they
    treat our”food” like animals , and so on ,,, i am eating much much much
    betterr now 🙂 thank u for these greatvideos

  5. You are awesome but the background music drove me nuts lol!

  6. you are so lovely girl and i learn a lot from you

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  8. Yeah. I feel much better eating dairy and gluten free. Eggs dont make me
    feel very god either. 🙂 I’ve been in many diets, from low carb to the
    80-10-10 thing, and ive never been able to keep those diets up for more
    than 3 weeks. I will also mentioned that the ONLY times i’ve lost
    significant amounts of weight, I’ve decreased SIGNIFICANT:Y the amount of
    calories I’ve eaten. So its ither starve some, or eat lots of veggies and
    fruit to starve without feeling starved XD

  9. hey, i like your videos :)…can you make a video about how low carb diet
    affect on thyroid hormones as T3 and how can you trick body that it wont
    affect on hormons if possible? tnx 🙂

  10. I love that she’s dresses up & even wears nylons…. =)

  11. I’ve been saying all this since 2001!!! Thanks for saying it publicly!!!
    Diet changes has saved my life literally. If your sick, over weight, having
    sleeping or mood disorders you need to look at your food. Listen to
    Corrina, she’s got the idea!!!!

  12. diet is a balance of nutrition. when the body senses darkness or a lack of
    natural bright sun light the cells in your body are biologically triggered
    to store energy as fat. this is a primal trigger that preps the body for
    winter.not only do the eyes trigger this but the natural light on the skin
    will trigger this or lack of it. when natural light hits the eyes(no sun
    glasses)it triggers the cells to burn the energy instead of store it. this
    is very easy to prove to yourself. its just chemistry

  13. If you have ever visited Europe, then you may recall that most of the foods
    produced and sold there are generally far less sweet than foods produced
    and sold in the U.S. And yet, despite this difference, Van der Velpen still
    sees a major public health epidemic brewing in Holland as a result of sugar
    consumption — how much worse must the situation be here in the U.S., where
    public health officials generally avoid tagging sugar as a major factor in
    declining public health?

  14. “Sugar is actually a form of addiction,” adds Van der Velpen. “It’s just as
    hard to get rid of the urge for sweet foods as of smoking. Thereby diets
    only work temporarily. Addiction therapy is better … Health insurers
    should have to finance addiction therapy for their obese clients.”

  15. While the rest of the world is busy obsessing over the dangers of
    cigarettes and alcohol, the head of Amsterdam’s health service in the
    Netherlands is trying to raise awareness about a much bigger and more
    pervasive health threat: sugar. According to Paul Van der Velpen, sugar is
    the most dangerous and addictive substance of modern times, and more needs
    to be done in the interests of public health to make people aware of the
    many harms caused by this ubiquitous drug.

  16. In a recent letter posted by GGD Nederland, Van der Velpen discusses the
    issue of obesity, rates of which have risen dramatically in the Netherlands
    in recent years. Pointing out that obesity, which is linked to metabolic
    syndrome, cardiovascular disease and a host of other chronic ailments, saps
    the healthcare system of tens of millions of dollars annually, Van der
    Velpen emphasizes that exercise is simply not enough to reverse this
    growing trend.

  17. hi corinna love ur vid but why u wear pantyhose in ur videos?

  18. Way to go Corrina……….

  19. It is really difficult to get restaurants to add extra gluten. Just try
    asking for extra gluten in your meal.

  20. Great job Corrina . I love your videos! I agree 100% on what you talk about.

  21. Thank you Christy!! 🙂

  22. very helpful and nice video

  23. Rule of thumb : if you can’t say it don’t eat it

  24. U are amazing! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ur videos =)

  25. I love that you tell it like it is! I really have to make a lot of changes.

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