Top 5 Total Gym Workout Tips

The Total Gym is a great piece for your home. You can easily lose weight, get in shape and store it in small places. Using the Total Gym is easy from the start, but no matter if you are a Total Gym beginner or a Total Gym veteran, a few tips along the way can increase your results, motivation and maximize your safety during your workouts. Remember – just because Chuck Norris can do it while talking and breathing normally on the commercial, doesn’t mean it’s that easy!

Warm-up Prior To Your Total Gym Workout
Even if it’s just walking around the house for a couple minutes, your body needs to be warm (aka circulating blood) to your muscles prior to your Total Gym routine. In addition, it will prevent injuries and get your in the mood for your Total Gym Workout

Do A Warm-up Resistance Level In The Beginning
Yes, you may be able to do a high incline level on the Total Gym, but starting at that point is not the most effective workout for your body. By doing a set of 20 repetitions or so on a lower level, your muscles have a chance to stretch out and prepare for the more difficult sets.

Don’t Use Momentum
Momentum is a dirty word in the weightlifting world because you can definitely get hurt. Even without injuries, you are not getting the most work out of each repetition by bouncing at the bottom or snapping your joints at the top of each movement.

Slow and Steady Wins The Race
Just like the tortoise and the hare, the goal isn’t to do 10-12 repetitions as fast as possible. Yes, you want to move from exercise to exercise quickly to keep your heart rate up, but during the sets, a smooth, controlled movement is best.

Challenge Yourself
Any exercise that uses your own weight as the resistance is very humbling. We should be able to move our own weight around easily, right? There are tons of ways to challenge yourself continuously on the Total Gym. For example, changing the resistance, switching up the angles in which you move and lowering the time you rest in between sets. A little tidbit – your body recovers most from an exercise (or period of exertion) in the first 7 seconds after the movement is complete. The last 20-30% could take days. Your muscles are resilient in the short term and can take a pounding when done smartly and carefully.

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