Top 5 Health and Wellness Magazines

Want to get fit? Worried about your health? Want to learn more about nutrition? Check out these great online and print magazines about health and wellness, fitness and prevention. Yes, indeed, of dozens and dozens of mazagines, these are the very best Health and Wellness Magazines out there today.

My favorite? Body and Soul. I also like the Mayo Clinic Health Letter, which is more newsletter than magazine. Your favorite? That’s up to you. But, check out these all-time, award winning Top Health and Wellness Magazines, available at your local grocery, drugstore, independent bookseller, newsstand, and online.

Here are the very best Top 5 Health and Wellness Magazines for sale today.

Body and Soul
11 W. 42nd Street
New York, New York 10036
New Subscribers: Free preview edition, one year’s subscription plus publisher’s gift for only $10.

Published ten times per year, this magazine is top flight with articles about health and wellness, prevention, women’s health, diet, exercise, among others. Easy to read format. Loaded with great health and wellness information. My favorite health and wellness magazine. Sure to be yours, too.

Telephone: (800) 813-8070
Email: PVNcustserv@Rodale.com
New Subscribers: Free trial issue, free Ultimate Walking Workout DVD with one year’s subscription for $12. Other offers may apply.

Talk about a little magazine that packs a punch. Prevention magazine has articles on every topic, from health, weight loss, fitness, and nutrition to lifestyle and beauty. You name it, Prevention has it. Health and wellness in a 4×6 magazine frame. available in both print and online format. Great publication for 20- and 30-somethings, commuters, on the go.

Men’s Health
Men’s Health Online
733 Third Avenue, 15th Floor
New York, New York 10017
Email: HLHcustserv@rodale.com
New Subscribers: Limited time offer, $1.49 per issue, plus free gift. Also, other offers for 70% savings off the cover price.

Everything for today’s guy on the go, from articles on fitness, health, and relationships to information-packed items on nutrition, weight-loss and muscle building. One stop shopping for you and the men in your life. The premier health and wellness magazine and reference for today’s man. Print and online men’s health and wellness magazine.

Health Magazine
Customer Service
PO Box 60001
Tampa, FL 33660-0001
Telephone: (800) 274-2522
New Subscribers: Introductory offer of 2 free magazines and whole year’s subscription for $10, more than 75% off newsstand price.

Since 1987, Health magazine has published articles on a wide variety of health topics, including women’s health. Health Magazine is available in both print and online format. Health magazine is “must reading” for men and women of all ages, especially busy career professionals and those nearing or in retirement.

Women’s Health
733 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10017
Telephone: (800) 324-1731
E-mail: wmhcustserv@rodale.com
New Subscriptions: 2 free trial issues and 12 free gifts with a 2 year subscription (20 issues in all) for the special rate of 99¢ per issue, and free shipping. Other offers apply.

Women’s Health is a great print and online reference for health, fitness tips, weight loss advice, beauty, nutrition, and so much more. Check out the “Belly Off” section and weight loss tips. Also, great sections on Fitness, Relationships, Nutrition and Weight Loss, Yoga, Beauty and Style. Women’s health has something for women of all ages and lifestyles.


Mayo Clinic Health Letter

Health & Wellness Association

The University Research Magazine Association

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