Top 5 Health and Fitness Magazines for Women

What makes a good health and fitness magazine for women? Plenty of magazines offer health and fitness advice, but only a few magazines give advice that you can actually apply to your life. These magazines have relevant health and fitness articles, great tips on ways to work healthy choices into your life, and give advice on overcoming obstacles. Here is a review of the best 5 health and fitness magazines for women.

1. Women’s Health
Women’s Health Magazine covers everything from workouts to lipsticks. They find and evaluate healthy foods, resulting in helpful tips for healthy eating. The fitness tips target specific body parts as well as total body connditioning. Their workout routines are even available on iTunes for a small fee.

2. Self
Self Magazine is a fun fitness and health approach featuring real women. These approaches are lifestyle changes – not fads or gimmicks that are short-term and fizzle quickly. The suggestions are easy to apply to real life – from healthy eating out tips to simple ways to cut more calories.

3. Fitness
Fitness magazine’s approach is to attain a healthy lifestyle by nourishing the mind, body and spirit. Fitness offers health advice, beauty tips, fashion advice, weight loss ideas and exercises to tone the body. Their website features a free personal trainer, workout videos, workout playlists and even eco tips.

4. Shape
Shape is a health magazine for women that focuses on the whole picture. Health, beauty tips, diet, fitness and weight loss are just a few of the topics Shape covers. Shape also features healthy recipes for women who want to lose weight and get the proper nutrition they need.

5. Oxygen
Oxygen fitness magazine covers are a little intimidating for the average woman. They feature muscular (but very beautiful!) women that obviously put a lot of time into their bodies. However, the tips and advice in Oxygen are amazing. Oxygen keeps its main focus on fitness and nutrition – combining workout moves with healthy eating to help women look their best. The real life stories in the back are amazing, and show that even average women can look amazing!

As an aside, a great magazine for runners is Runners World. This magazine offers tips for runners in general as well as specific tips for women runners. They provide injury prevention and treatment articles, as well as nutrition advice tailored specifically for runners. The articles are inspiring and make you want to get out your running shoes and take off on your favorite route.

Pick up one of these magazines at most grocery stores or drug stores. To subscribe, visit the magazine’s web site and click on their ‘subscribe’ button. Subscribing offers many benefits, including regular e-mails, special access on their website and a lower issue cost than purchasing it from the rack.

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