Top 5 Free Fitness Apps

I get a lot of questions about things I use to keep track or calories, workouts etc. So I am creating this for you today to help you count calories easier, make workouts “dummy” proof and get the ball rolling for you to have a flatter stomach going into January! Here is my top 5 for you that I have personally used, have my clients using and most of my team and coaches use! (These are in no particular order)

1. Lose It

This app helps you count calories. It allows you to scan the bar code of the food which makes for an easy entry. It also syncs with your Fit Bit if you have one. Calories in versus calories out and when it syncs it lets you know where you are at in your numbers. You can also add you friend and see each others food progress for accountability.

2. My Fitness Pal

This app also lets you scan food. It will keep good track of your calories. You will also be able to network to a whole group of people who are looking to reach the same goals as you! Similar to the Lose It app!

3. Healthy Diet & Grocery Food

This is an app where you can scan all food with bar codes and it will tell you how healthy it is for you. Plus, it will also show you a healthy alternative to the one that you scanned first. It always helps find what foods match for you!

4. Interval Timer

Since interval training is a great way to burn calories and get your heart rate up I highly suggest this app. You can set how long your interval wants to be, how long the rests should be and how many times to repeat!! It also makes a noise to let you know when to switch and you can also add in your own music to it icon smile Top 5 Fitness Apps

5. Nike Training Club

This is a awesome workout app! You can find workout from professional athletes, to 15 minute workouts, to focused on certain body part workouts to beginner workouts. There is really a workout for everyone that anyone can do. You can also add you own music or play list to go along with the app and a lady talks and will guide you through the moves along with a short video on how to do the move if you need icon smile Top 5 Fitness Apps

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