Top 10 Yoga Diet Books for Healthy Diets and Weight Loss

You enjoy yoga and you want to incorporate some of the things you are learning and practicing into your diet; it’s only logical that you search for a yoga diet book. They aren’t easy to find, but you have found an easy to reference guide for the ten yoga diet books that seem to be capturing the market and the hearts, minds, and digestive systems of yoga fans and practitioners.

Top Ten Yoga Diet Books: Yoga for Weight Loss

Barnes and Noble’s number one selling book relating yoga and diet is Yoga for Weight Loss: The Effective 4 Week Slimming Plan for Body, Mind, and Spirit. Written by Celia Hawe, and edited by Sarah Epton, this book is designed to put you in control of your eating habits, just as yoga is designed to put you in control of your mind-body connection. The diet and Hatha yoga regime was developed by Celia Hawe and her husband as a synergistic means of ending the weight loss battle.


Top Ten Yoga Diet Books: The Yoga of Right Diet

The Yoga of Right Diet is a small, but useful book to combine yoga beliefs, systems, and theories with diet. This book is for die-hard believers and practitioners of yoga. It is not a recipe book, and it is more than just a diet book. In this book, the author, Adi Da Samraj, teaches the application of the art of yoga to the act of eating. His teachings relate more to one’s perspective of food, than an actual diet. It is said to be powerful reading for those who adhere to yoga and are looking to implement yoga principles throughout their lifestyle.

Top Ten Yoga Diet Books: Peaceful Weight Loss through Yoga

Brandt Bhanu Passalaccqua found himself 100 pounds overweight and battling an auto-immune disease. His search for healing lead him down a path of physical, spiritual, and emotional healing through yoga and a modification of eating patterns. Focusing on yoga moves, breathing, and what your body really needs in order to survive and thrive, Peaceful Weight Loss through Yoga tells Passalaccqua’s story in order to share the healing he found through yoga and diet.

Top Ten Yoga Diet Books: The Yoga of Eating

You’ve probably figured out by now that as yoga leads you toward a mind-body connection there are disciplines that must be learned in the process. In The Yoga of Eating, Charles Eisenstein offers unique insight into the spiritual and physical function of sugar, meat, fats, and other foods. Eisenstein encourages readers to follow the signals of their own body, while dealing with diet sensitive issues like fasting, willpower, and self nurture. Eisenstein offers suggestions on how to distinguish appetite and hunger from cravings to beat the cycle of weight loss and gain that binds so many to their bathroom scale.

Top Ten Yoga Diet Books: Weight Management

Weight Management: An American Yoga Association Wellness Guide, by Alice Christensen, is an authoritative book that is as much about weight management as it is yoga. This book is the book of choice for those who do not lean toward the spiritual inclinations of traditional yoga. Christensen blends the poses of yoga with sound weight management and nutrition.

Top Ten Yoga Diet Books: Yoga for Ideal Weight and Shape

Yoga for Ideal Weight and Shape takes on the topic of diet, weight, and yoga by advising the reader to pay attention to their body, attitude, function, and needs. Self-awareness is fundamental to the practice of yoga, and Noa Belling, drives home the importance not only yoga practice, but a lifestyle that includes yoga principles. In combining the two, Belling teaches that one’s awareness of their own body, its needs, and functions, will lead to a healthier diet, weight loss, and a stronger mind and body.

Top Ten Yoga Diet Books: Yoga Cookbook

Perhaps you have implemented the practice of yoga into your life. Now you want some healthy recipes that correspond to the needs of your body, but also add a little spice of life to what may be considered a bland, yoga diet. Yoga Cookbook: Vegetarian Food for Body and Mind provides over 170 easy to prepare recipes. Delicious, easy-to-follow recipes will make it easier to stay self-disciplined in the area of nutrition and digestion. You’ll enjoy the recipes in this cookbook.

Top Ten Yoga Diet Books: Raw Transformation: Energizing Your Life with Living Foods

Vegetarian and raw: that is the guideline for many of the most strict yoga diets. In Raw Transformations: Energizing Your Life with Living Foods, Wendy Rudell focuses less on the practice of yoga and more on the diet and eating lifestyle that is common among yoga instructors and practitioners. The importance of eating raw, what cooking does to food and eating for optimal health are just a few of the topics covered by Rudell. She also includes recipes and delightful food combinations that will not leave you feeling deprived, but alive and energized.

Top Ten Yoga Diet Books: Natural Highs: Feel Good All the Time

With a promising title like Natural Highs: Feel Good All the Time, you figure a book has to have some tips to optimize your diet and energy. Using mind-body therapy, Hyla Cass and Patrick Holford carefully lead readers away from sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and illegal substance highs to discover the benefits of nutrition and exercise that will sharpen the mind and body. The best thing about Cass and Holford’s techniques is that there are no slumps, addictions, or hangovers associated with their mind-body techniques. Cass and Holford consider their work revolutionary, but they have westernized traditional yoga diets and exercise to make them more palatable to western culture. They propose to have legitimized the techniques many have used for years, through science and professional psychological training. This is another good book for those who are not engulfed in a yoga lifestyle.

Top Ten Yoga Diet Books: Yogi in the Kitchen

So many of the top ten yoga diet books deal with the concepts of yoga and nutrition, it is only fair that the list be rounded out with one more cookbook for the yoga enthusiast in the kitchen. The full title of the book delivers just what it says, Yogi in the Kitchen: More than 100 Enlightened, Delicious, Healthful Recipes for Body and Soul. Author Elaine Gavalas and yoga instructor Nelle Davis work together to bring delightful dishes to your healthy yoga diet and lifestyle.

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