1. thanks so much. the content really eduates us to lead our lives in a better
    way. but I just wonder why is not date fruit is ignored, even if it is
    proved energetic, and good for losing weight. personally, since I started
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  2. The most fruitful area of obesity research seems to be the study of the NEW
    COCKTAIL of beneficial GUT HORMONES created after bariatric suregry. They
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  3. Dr. Linda Bacon Ph.D. takes apart the Internet gurus here. She accurately
    represents the failure of monitoring calories or restricting calories for
    long gterm treatment of overweight/obesity It is a FALSE ILLUSION of
    control: Dr. Linda Bacon is extremely knowledgeable about the scientific
    literature on body weight regulation. Among the very best that I have seen:
    lindabacon(DOT)org/faqs_calorie%20monitoring.html Demolishes James Krieger
    et al’s misinformation. LOVE IT !

  4. Diet and exercise are FAILED treatments for obesity. Science has studied
    this and it has failed over and over. Obesity is fat cell falure with many,
    many, many causes – most of which have NOTHING to do with diet OR exercise.
    There are MANY obese poeple livign GREAT lifestyles- far better than many
    thin peopl e- YET REMAIN HEAVY. Dr. Linda Bacon Ph.D. would educate you.

  5. There is CURRENTLY NO diet- NONE- that is effective for LONG TERM weight
    loss. NONE. This is what the science shows us so far.

  6. Nothing demonstrates more clearly that medicine is a field of DOGMA , more
    than scientific knowledge , than your article. Stop moralizing obesity ,
    “doctor”. Get familiar with what sceince has turned up about obesity. Lose
    your ASSUMPTIONS. People REGAIN the fat DESPITE adherence to their exercise
    and diet regimes. Look up Dr. Linda Bacon, Dr. Stephan Guyanet and Dr.
    Jeffrey Friedman – people who know MUCH MORE about this topic than yourself.

  7. You are grossly misinformed of the science on this subject. Doctors should
    know better. I am a layman and I know much more than you do about this. My
    blog shows this.

  8. There are many hard working, active and exercising obese people. In fact,
    obese people get more exercise than previously ASSUMED.You have no clue
    what you are talking about. Exercise does NOT solve obesity by any means.
    Dr. Sharma, Dr. Jeffrey Friedman, Dr. Linda Bacon, Dr. Stephan Guyenet-
    REAL scientists, not uneducated Internet guru salesman like Anthony Colpo
    et al, KNOW this already. They and myself are FAMILIAR with what the
    scientific literature demonstrates on this matter. READ the blog.

  9. BIOLOGY causes weight regauin. We have defense systems that make LONG TERM
    weight loss exceedingly difficult that science does NOT understand yet.
    READ THE LITERATURE. DIETS fail. Exercise also is NOT any good for anything
    other than about 1 or 2 pounds. An EXTENSIVE review of the literature can
    be found by D Linda bacon “Vailidity of cliams made in weight management”
    READ up NOW

  10. Willpower is a MYTH. I suggest YOU read RAZWELL’S blog and WATCH Dr.
    Jeffrey Friedman’s obesity lectures. Hunger is as is almost as , if not as
    strong as breathing. Humans have CANNIBALIZED in starvation survuival

  11. We have been lied to about obesity. It is a MYTH that oibesity “kills” It
    is a MYTH that there is an “obesity epidemic”. Please read my blog which
    features this and look into Dr. Linda Bacon’s manifesto. She is a world
    renowned expert on body fat regulation.

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