1. Damn… do you think you could make the intro any longer?

  2. Well then, thumbs up. 🙂

  3. I dont know hahaha

  4. They rank 49 on a list of the top 49 foods with potassium, right behind
    vanilla milkshake.

  5. this fruit is extremely energetic sometimes shows stars in a day I DON’T
    KNOW:) Grace of GOD

  6. dont be a sissy

  7. you don’t want brown spots and bruises, you want a bright yellow with
    freckles of golden brown. I used to hate truly ripe bananas when I was a
    kid, because freckled ones were so sweet — but I’ve adjusted my tastes.

  8. you can eat as many or as few as you want — they’re a good meal and youcan
    also eat blueberries, celery , cucumber with them — blend them with
    coconut water or plain water, some cinnamon, you can eat them with dates…
    sometimes I eat up to 15 a day (I am a small female, so I wouldn’t do 30)

  9. This man is awesome!

  10. Banannas are hybrid plants and are starchy, which isn’t goooood for you 🙂

  11. I’m trying to gain weight, so they’re great for me 😀


  13. Every plant you eat is a hybrid and bananas are incredibly gooooood for
    you. You’ve been severely misinformed. Read 80/10/10 and get up to speed.
    You’ll be glad you did.

  14. Bananas are WEAK in potassium. Check it out, it’s true.

  15. I just ate two bananas and a bowl of strawberries and now I need to go to
    the bathroom…

  16. Okay! I am actually reading the book right now. So far, it’s probably the
    most clear and simple truth about diet that i’ve ever read. I love 80/10/10

  17. They’re only starchy when they’re not ripe. As they ripen and become brown
    and spotty the starch converts into sugar.

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  19. i eat 8 bananas a day

  20. great video bro really helped 😀 NEW SUB+

  21. Can I have bananas if I have diabetes?!!? Just curious! Thanks!

  22. Aside from the health benefits, bananas are awesome because they are
    nature’s convenience food. They are the perfect food for cycling or
    running, AND come with their own little biodegradable wrapper that can be
    discarded in the closest bush. 

  23. Can’t eat them. I get sick!

  24. Love Bananas. Eat bananas to stop you going bananas.

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