Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2013

fitness trends for 2013Obesity is still on the rise but as support for a healthy lifestyle grows this might soon change. On the other end of the spectrum, health buffs are already gearing up for 2013 and looking towards the top fitness trends. Here are our top trends for 2013.

1. Certified Fitness Professionals with tons of Experience

Celebrities are not the only ones demanding certified and experienced fitness professionals. The average consumer wants real results and value for money and this means someone who will help them reach their weight loss goals and maintain their weight. They want trainers who are certified and experienced.

2. Strength Training

Strength training remains near the top for a reason. It gets results and with it men and women can incorporate a variety of routines. Strength training can be used as a standalone exercise program, or it can be included into most routines.

3. Body Weight Training

Body weight training is the new kid on the block. Although this type of activity has been around for ages it is only within the last year that it is being marketed as an exercise program. There’s no need to purchase a lot of expensive equipment for this type of program since your body will be more or less all you need. There’s a lot of variety in the routines so don’t think for a moment that you’ll be limited to push-ups!.

4. Childhood Obesity

Michelle Obama’s Get Moving initiative brought a lot of attention to the growing problem of childhood obesity. The drive to reduce the amount of overweight children will continue in 2013. The result will be happier and healthier children and parents.

5. Fit Seniors

There are a growing number of clubs and products on the market that target seniors. They can reduce the amount of health complaints if they get fit. This trend will continue to increase in 2013.

6. Functional Fitness

Functional fitness involves a process of carrying out your daily activities in such a way to improve coordination, balance, force and power. The results are an improvement in balance and efficiency.

7. Core Training

Take a look around and you’ll see the struggles that average people have with their midsections. Core training targets the muscles of the abdomen, back and thorax. It can be used to strengthen certain muscles in the trunk through the use of stability balls, foam rollers and other equipment.

8. Personal Training For Groups

Not everyone can afford the cost of a personal trainer. Group training makes personal training affordable since the cost is shared by people within the group. This trend will continue to grow in 2013.

9. Zumba Workouts

I say that the Zumba craze is nowhere close to an end. Many women and some men still hold on to Zumba and other dance workouts because it is intense, effective and fun. That will not change in 2013.

10. Outdoor Activities

Hiking, kayaking, tennis and other activities are popular because it can be done in groups. This is a wonderful way to work out with friends and family.

What are your own predictions for fitness trends in 2013?