Tools to Help You Lose Weight & Take Care Of Yourself

by Helen Blenkinsopp
(Chicaga, Illinois, USA)

You are probably reading this because you are concerned with your weight. Most people would like to shed a few pounds or inches here and there. Few of us are completely happy with our bodies.

And businesses are being built on that. There are many diet pills and supplements available now that really can assist with weight loss but the side effects can be terrible. It simply is not worth risking your health in order to shed a few pounds quickly.

Before you even consider losing weight consider how you got overweight in the first place. 

Many times it is due to a medical condition and sometimes that is a problem that we are not even aware of. Go for a check up.

Medications can also cause weight gain. And unfortunately, as we age, we tend to gain weight. There are lots of reasons for that, some we can control and some we have to learn to work with.

Next consider your eating habits.

food journal is an excellent tool for this. I know it is a bother but you will benefit greatly from creating your own food journal if you decide to work on a weight management program. Simply write down what you eat; be sure to include how much and when.

It is especially helpful if you include information related to your emotions at the time before during and after eating the food. If that sounds silly I will explain.

Most of us have emotional attachments to food. We eat because food comforts us; for example, for some of us food makes us feel better when we are sad.

But what about those foods that you crave, you know, the chocolate cake and ice cream; so you give in and eat it.

You document your feelings related to that joyful experience. But you will need to consider if it was truly a joyful experience, think about how you felt afterward, and if you still felt good about giving in to your craving then it was a good thing to eat the cake and ice cream.

But if it made you feel guilty then you might decide it is not worth it the next time you feel that same craving.

Here is another very valid point to note in your journal.

Each day you should make a short entry related to how you are feeling. I know that may seem strange but let me tell you why that is important. For example, if you did not sleep well the night before you will probably be at least a little tired and perhaps not functioning quite up to par.

This can possibly make an impact on the way you choose to eat during the day. You may choose to grab something fast to eat rather than taking the time to eat a healthier meal, or you might even skip a meal and go to bed early.

Speaking of such things, if you are that tired you will probably avoid physical activity.

I am sure you are starting to see how all of these things work together.

By creating a simple food journal you will have a personal tool that you have developed yourself; a tool that will help you fight the battle of obesity and it will help you to take care of you as a whole person!

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Updated: October 31, 2012 — 3:12 am

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