Tips for Weight Loss & Diets for Women after Baby Birth

It is quite common for women to gain weight after pregnancy. Even after baby birth, it is not easy for them to lose weight and become the pre-baby svelte. Some pharmaceutical companies claim that their drug pills are clinically tested and very effective for immediate weight loss. However, the truth is that you can never lose lots of pounds within just a few weeks. It will take you at least six months to regain your pre-pregnancy weight. If obesity has been your problem from pre-pregnancy period, then you are less likely to get back to a shapely figure within a year.


Rapid weight loss is good for no one. There must be a healthy program for weight loss & diets for women. You should be on protein-rich diets and include light exercises in your daily routine. Check your weight regularly to be sure that you are losing extra pounds at a consistent rate. It is good if you lose weight 1.5-2 lbs a week. Minimum 7-8 hours’ sound sleep is also important for the new mothers to make sure that their body is getting right amount of rest regularly.

Losing weight for pregnancy is a challenge for the health conscious women. Most of them are inspired by the celebrity mums who appear to be in the same shape as they were before pregnancy and that too within a few weeks. Some physicians prescribe weight loss pills if you are extremely overweight and suffering from a lot of physical complications due to obesity. For others, healthy diet and exercises are enough for post-motherhood weight loss.

Healthy diet means adequate amount of protein, calcium and other supplements that will help in rebuilding of body and giving you strength. Consult your doctor what and how much you should have in your daily diet chart. Exercises are also important to reduce pounds. But heavy exercises should be avoided at least for a few weeks after baby birth.

Right Supplement for Body

Calcium is the main constituent of our bone. For the new mothers, intake of calcium supplement in right amount is very important. Maximum amount of this mineral you absorb is directed towards your bone growth and repair. Amount of calcium supplements for women changes according to ages. Usually, the women in their middle age and post-menopausal period suffer rapid loss of calcium and slow regeneration of the same as compared to those in childhood and adolescence. For the later group, bone growth and generation happen at a speedy pace.

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