Tips For New Bodybuilders

Many people who begin bodybuilding do not warm-up their muscles properly. Heck, a lot new bodybuilders do not even stretch or warm up at all. You can even find more experienced bodybuilders who do not warm-up or at least do not warm-up properly. If you can bench 180 pounds max as a new bodybuilder and you think warming up your muscles is lifting 125 pounds for 12 reps then you are sorely mistaken. (Yes, pun intended). There are some tips you can learn from the gym from other members about how to help you warm-up and stretch your muscles properly before you begin your weightlifting regimen at the gym. Yes you can bench press to warm-up and that is highly recommended; how’ve you Want to do it in the proper manner so you do not overload your muscles to early and keep new muscle fiber from generating.

Pyramid Lifting

Pyramid lifting is a common technique that involves you starting off with lighter weights and then slowly increasing the amount of weight in each set until you finally reach the point you cannot longer lift anymore. This method is commonly used by bodybuilders all over the World; however it does not usually promote the max muscle gain that you can get from each session as opposed to other lifting programs. Regardless of whether you do use the pyramid style lifting or a more efficient lifting program you will often be striving to work you reps to failure. This means you lift as many reps as you can until you literally cannot lift anymore. Lifting to failure is common yet you do not want to lift to failure for warm-ups. When you are simply lifting to warm up and stretch your muscles you need to abstain from lifting to failure for warm-up repetitions.

Avoiding Squats

Many new bodybuilders tend to shy away from performing squats because their emphasis is on building their upper body, more specifically their chest. By actually working the entire body including squats you will get more muscle growth and get it faster on your upper body. You do not have to squat every day, in fact you should not squat every day, but you do need to integrate it into your bodybuilding regimen. The benefits on the upper body that can be derived from squatting come from the hormones and natural body chemicals that are released into the body when you squat. These hormones are released into the body and help to spur muscle growth.

Keep it Simple Bodybuilding regimens can be very complex; however beginner bodybuilders should keep their routine relatively simple. You can integrate a wide variety o f muscle building activities into your regimen but the vast majority of your program should focus on bench-press, squats, dead lift and overhead bench-press.


Avoiding stress as much as possible will greatly increase you mental and physical health. The cardiovascular system will tend to be much healthier in people who have eliminated as much stress as possible. One of the great things about bodybuilding is that your workout sessions will decrease your stress. The longer you lift weights for and the more of a routine you get into then the more stress that can be eliminated from your life. Stress aggravates a lot of medical problems and makes them much worse. Whether you have a heart ailment, migraines, or any other medical condition your Doctor has probably told you to cut down on your stress levels.

Get Enough Sleep

Once you get on a regular routing of lifting weights it can often make it much easier for you to sleep at night. Many people have experienced insomnia yet once they begin weightlifting on a regular basis they get on a regular schedule and are able to sleep much better at night. Regardless of when you sleep it is vital that you get enough sleep as a bodybuilder so that your muscles can get the rest and grow as much as possible.

Avoid Sugar and eat Healthy

Look, if you are planning on losing fat and building muscle then you need to avoid sugar. If you eat a candy bar before and after each workout then you will take a lot more time to reach your fitness goals. If you simply eat healthy, avoid junk food, and work hard at the gym then you will begin to reach your goals faster than you may think is possible.

A lot of eating healthier is learning to cook food and mix drinks at home. Mixed drinks for you as a bodybuilder should be protein powders and fruit smoothies and not alcohol. If you seriously want to get big muscles and grow your body then abstain from sugars, junk food, liquor, beer, and all other negative foods, drinks, and substances. Now is the time to focus on building your body. You new drug of choice should be bodybuilding because once you begin doing it and start seeing some results it can get very addicting! Eat healthy, cutout sugary sodas, and exercise and the weight will come off. You may be surprised at how fast you can lose weight and build muscle when you begin lifting weights.

Metabolism Myths

A lot of new bodybuilders whine about their metabolism. Shut up! Seriously shut up about your metabolism. Most people have metabolisms that are within a couple of hundred calories of each other. The best thing you can do to increase your metabolism is to begin weightlifting and eating healthy. If you whine that you cannot become a great bodybuilder because you are stuck with poor genetics then you are simply wrong. Quit whining, lift weights, eat healthy, and the weight will come off.

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