Tips for Feeling Good in Your Skin at Any Age

by Bernie Williams
(Cardiff, Wales, UK)

Good news to anyone who’s ever had an attack of the body blues. Women of any size and age can gain confidence and look downright gorgeous with a few simple tweaks that have nothing to do with diet and exercise!.

It’s not news that women tend to be perfectionists when it comes to how their bodies look. True youthfulness comes when you stop trying to change who you are and start working with what you have naturally.

There are tips for making four of the most common body physiques beautiful. Just identify your body type and discover the best ways to work your quirks.

When You’re Curvy:

There are Hollywood stars out there who have brought back the hourglass figure. Men, actually, would say that this shape never fell out of favor. Research has actually proven that guys don’t mind a single bit if a woman has extra meat in her bones.

Tons of chicks pay top bucks for boob jobs and implants…stuff that you got for free. Using positive words like curvy or voluptuous to describe your shape also drives home the idea that your body is smashing.

Dark and stretchy dresses are your best friends because these accentuate your silhouette. Another flattering option would be v-neck tops because these display your cleavage without letting it all hang out. Stand up straight and take up space because this gives you a presence.

When You’re Strong & Sporty:

It might sometimes be hard to feel like you’ve hit the genetic jackpot with your muscular arms and thighs, but appreciating them for what they let you do helps.

Women make the mistake of focusing on what their bodies look like, and not what they accomplish. Opt for blouses and dresses with embellishments and cinch your waste with a wide belt. You may be acutely aware of how your body moves, but try not to look like you’re focused on it.

When You’re Small & Lean:

A slight build with a small chest is a youthful, playful, and energetic look. No matter what your actual age, you will always be the picture of exuberance.

Plus, everything looks amazing on you, which is why fashion experts love your frame so much. Go for strapless tops that don’t make you look skanky, especially when you’re older.

When you want to come across with more confidence, stand tall and throw your shoulders back. This way, you’ll appear more self-assured.

When You Have Hips:

A good tip for a pear-shaped woman is to find a feature that you love and highlight it. It can be anything: an elegant neckline, pretty feet, or a tiny waste. Everyone has something beautiful about them, but few focus on it.

When people who dislike their appearance look at their bodies, they zone in on parts they hate. Learning how to accept a compliment can help you begin to focus on the good stuff.

When someone praises you, force yourself not to wave it off. Accepting flattery helps a positive comment really seep in.

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Updated: October 31, 2012 — 3:07 pm

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