Timothy Rigdon Endorses Natural Remedies to Arthritis, Anxiety, and Depression

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Arthritis, anxiety, and depression are common health concerns among many Americans, yet what many people fail to realize is how closely intertwined these conditions often are. A new report from WebMD News makes the link clear, however. The report notes new scientific findings that show anxiety and depression to be very common side effects of arthritis; for many patients, then, these seemingly separate conditions actually go hand in hand. While this may initially seem like unwelcome news, pharmaceutical consultant Timothy Rigdon says that all three conditions can be successfully treated with safe and natural remedies.

Timothy Rigdon, R.Ph., is the President of Specialty Pharmacy, and he focuses on herbal and natural remedies for common health problems and ailments. Rigdon says the new study, linking these three unsavory medical problems, should not cause panic, because there are natural remedies readily available. “With both depression and anxiety now known to be common side effects of arthritis, there is significant evidence for practitioners to address these problems promptly with one of the many safe and effective natural products, rather than adding to the side effects with synthetic medications,” notes Ridgon, in a statement to the press.

Timothy Rigdon’sassertion that emotional problems are commonly associated with arthritis finds ample support in the new WebMD study. According to the latest research, one-third of all patients who are 45 years or older, and who suffer from arthritis, also express symptoms of either depression or anxiety problems.

Of these two symptoms, anxiety proves to be more common, but both are serious. The study attributes these emotional disturbances to the rigors that come from coping with arthritis pain on a daily basis.

This new research represents something of a paradigm shift among doctors who deal with arthritis patients. While many physicians are trained to look for signs of depression in patients who struggle with chronic pain, anxiety is not always something that’s on their radar. This new research indicates that this way of thinking is out of date, however.

The study does offer some tips for treatment, however, which give hope both to clinicians as well as to patients. The study finds that the best way to treat these cases of depression and anxiety is to deal with the arthritis itself. These mental and emotional symptoms are the direct result of physical pain. Alleviating the pain, then, is typically the best way to remedy the anxiety and the depression.

Timothy Rigdon’s Specialty Pharmacy site sells a number of herbal and organic remedies that have shown great effect in treating arthritis. In addition, Rigdon offers herbal supplements for addressing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Specialty Pharmacy has a wide array of products, including natural and safe solutions for weight loss.


Timothy Rigdon, R.Ph, is the President of Specialty Pharmacy. His company is devoted to providing patients with safe, effective, and natural remedies to common health problems. The store also offers products for those seeking to increase their energy levels or to lose weight.

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