1. .Bradley is a future champion and an awesome representative of the
    vegan/exercise lifestyle.He will have to climb the mountain though to beat
    Pacquiao whose speed,power and ring generalship are legendary.It’s gonna be
    a great fight:)

  2. Great vid Harley, thank you for yout time and effort. Thumbs up. I was
    hanging out with some Astralian mates last night. One is vegetarian and the
    other is a meat eater. Both are great beer drinkers. We talked about health
    a bit. The vegetarian gets it. He wrote down Douglas Graham because my
    friend loves the outdoor sports and he wrote down Robert Morse to hear
    about how to detoxify. Shalom.

  3. I was rooting for Bradley, but Pacquiao just got flat out robbed!
    Disgusting! Pacquiao dominated in every single round except the 10th and
    they gave the decision to Bradley. Boxing is corrupt.

  4. the only thing corrupt(besides your mind) is HBO! Pacquiao took off the
    first 2 minutes of every single round, for that alone he deserved to lose.
    Since he robbed marquez twice, i imagine he thought he could go tru the
    motions and still win without competing. what a idiot!

  5. Not fair I do 1000 reps on abs everyday in 30 minutes and my abs don’t look
    as good as his, he eats less fat than me i think

  6. You never beat manny

  7. I did 1000 reps 5 times a week in 18 min at my best best. Now I just doing
    400 reps a day since my car crash and am building back up slowly. With
    durainriders diet I will have those abs

  8. Pretty inefficient to do 1000 sit ups a day for that. His diet is what make
    him look look shredded, if you get under 9% bf, abs will show with a good

  9. Just dodged him all the fight and answered with accurate aim

  10. Just dodged him all the fight and answered with accurate aim

  11. Just dodged him all the fight and answered with accurate aim. with clearnes
    of a vegan

  12. u wont get like that with low bf just look how big and developed his abs are

  13. Try running more, doing planks on top of your 1000 reps and don’t eat any
    junk food.

  14. The key to getting Tim`s abs is not only the amount you but also HOW you do
    them. If you are doing 1000 a day without the proper technique you will not
    see the results. You also have to eat right which I mean a balance diet.

  15. He’s a living sculpture.

  16. ashwini krishnan

    My coworkers laughed when I told them I would burn up fat with Trim Fat
    Maximizer, but then they saw the results. Go google Trim Fat Maximizer to
    see their reaction.

  17. You Vegan skeletons will start riding Bradley’s wang just cause he follows
    your diet part time.. There are many other boxers/athletes with just as
    good of bodies that eat meat

  18. Hello! I’m James.I did -25 lbs last 30 days.More here hawght.so\#rKBp

  19. what if ur a teenager is it different of the same?

  20. Your are a moron. You just justified your own insult..think about it. Btw
    its not part time.

  21. You’re right, for every sport that has a world class vegan athlete there is
    going to be a meat eating one that’s just as good. But that just shows how
    good the diet is and how you DON’T need to consume any animal anything or
    eat loads of animal protein to compete. If the diet sucked or made you
    skinny and weak like you suggest a professional boxer would never follow
    it, even for a week. Also if he does do it part time, why does he ditch the
    meat to feel better/more energy, ever think of that?

  22. It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when other normal people do
    it so easily with Lean Body Maximizer (Google it).

  23. this the same guy who cant knock out a 13year old girl, has no punching
    power at all, maybe he should think about eating some meat?

  24. He has natural black genetics so he had a headstart on that body.

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