1. Amazing guru… Charles Glass

  2. great insight, jerry knows his shit.

  3. 100% correct.. Plus they also have doctors check their blood levels
    multiple times per cycle. Now keeping that in mind.. There is Not a Pharma
    Trenbolone being made..

  4. Christopher Stankiewicz

    Jerry you sir are awesome. God I wish you had before and after pictures of
    your first cycle!! Cant wait to meet you at the Arnold Expo, what days will
    you be there?!!

  5. i think the guru might have been hany…

  6. I call bullshit,,,,there is no human grade tren or masteron and has not
    been for many many years as anyone thats been in the game for a long time
    Agree that hg is much better,,,i allways laugh when i hear morons say it
    takes weeks for test e or cyp to kick in,,,,real hg test u can notice in 2
    days not fucking weeks

  7. Ken Shamrock never beat the gracies

  8. Just look at Bostin Loyd! 13 grams of gear a week hehehe. Fake crap!

    1/10 of real HG juice would do it better.

    My biggest cycle was 500mg test E a week. And I gained more than Bostin did
    on 13 grams. Wonder why lol. 

  9. The government should just wake the fuck up and make steroids legal to take
    away the industry from criminals and so that people can get relatively safe
    pharmaceutical grade products. But that probably won’t happen because the
    more opportunities they get to put someone in jail the more money the
    private prison industry makes.

  10. So how do they get the pharma grade gear in the amounts they need and not
    get popped?

  11. 60lbs. Holy fucking shit!

  12. Poland up in this bitch!

  13. i dont see the point of dosage discussions… underground stuff is
    underdosed – u can take 3gs of test and be actually taking like 500mgs…
    thats why i dont give a damn about taking larger doses and some Pro saying
    he uses half of it cause i know that there is a huge difference between the
    gear… but who cares?

  14. Brb AP, everything in ampoules, still UGL.
    In my opinion you are overexaggerating, or your US labs are shit, I tried
    pharma grade halo, test etc and there are some UG labs really close to that
    quality in my opinion.
    Still good vide and you may be right about stuff like tren, var, halo or
    mast most of the time.

  15. I understand the 250-500mg of test a week for the off season to put on some
    size but when it comes to contest prep, your looking at 3months to put your
    body in the most conditioned shape it has ever been. 500mg of test is not
    going to do that.

  16. Great info

  17. All gear users would need a walter white to make their gear then you know
    it’s PURE!! :)

  18. Dude, you are a gangsta. I love Jerry!

  19. if you cycle in thailand it would cost that much, stuffs are legit in a
    price of a peanut.

  20. P.s /lab for roids called Infiniti seem to be good at the moment. And would
    rather buy capsules for orals than dusty, dried up tablets from Asia. Just

  21. this is mostly anecdotal and with made up numbers. While I do agree
    underground stuff is not generally going to be up to par 

  22. Right its call purity and genetics people are idiots

  23. Quick question: I just wanted to know what camera do you use for your

    That’s all.

  24. Why did u cut when u were talking about hgh? Towards the end

  25. I really appreciate this video blog and how you break it down for the
    listeners. Many of the youth I train don’t get to hear it roll and explain
    the way you do before they get to me. Your videos really help educate many
    about the misconceptions of the bodybuilding sport and athletic sports. I
    respect you much more than I already did from this video? Keep it

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