1. What is a good diet for hyperthyroid?

  2. NaturalThyroidDoctor

    @grimreaper957 If you visit the articles page on my website you’ll see the
    article “My Personal Thyroid Diet”, which is the diet I followed when I was
    diagnosed with Graves’ Disease.

  3. You have mentioned about Protein Drink in the morning, May I ask you which
    protein shake you suggest? As far as my knowledge goes, the protein
    shakes/drinks have “soy lecithin”. Is this diet for Hypo or Hyper ?? Please

  4. a raw egg are you kidding

  5. Crap

  6. Fat Combust Factors (search on google) kept on appearing on Youtube and I
    thought they were scam. Right after my brother use it, and lost alot of
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  7. Do you have any thoughts on vegan diets for hashimotos hypothyroiditis?

  8. SaturatedFatsLover

    Wow!! Sooo meny foods u r advising people to eat … Are actually anti
    thyroid!! Nuts seeds vegetables berries salads are all difficult to digest
    and u don’t really wanna eat em!! You can learn more from dr.Broda Barnes
    and Ray Peat

  9. I read that if you steam cruciferous vegetables there is no need to worry
    about their goitrogenic effects.

  10. NaturalThyroidDoctor

    I’m not sure if it completely eliminates the goitrogenic activity, but you
    are correct in that steaming definitely does help.

  11. Im currently using myself as an experiment going raw vegan. So far I went
    from being bedridden a week ago to have some improvement in symptoms. I am
    documenting my healing journey!

  12. Why do you recommend so much protein? I really want to know. 🙂 Too much
    protein is the cause of nervous damage and illnesses like Parkinsons 🙁 I
    get all my protein from fruit and vegetables only. But I’d really like to
    hear what you have to say about that much protein? 🙂 Thanks for an
    interesting video! I have hypothyroidism btw, no chock because I’m watching

  13. shock*, sorry.

  14. Deborah Van Wormer

    @Bayot If you suffer from Hypothyroidism… This may help… Go here –>

  15. Protein protein protein not enough fats or carbs block shits

  16. Eating healthy did not work for me. Where can I find information for people
    who eat healthy but still can’t loose weight?

  17. what specifically did you eat?

  18. Do you like the Eat right for your blood type for type O , if you have

  19. i thought goitrogenic foods are good for you if you suffer from an
    overractive thyroid?

  20. Also, i’ve been told that animal products(since they contain hormones and
    antibiotics) are one of the main culprits for thyroid and auto immune
    related diseases. going to go vegan for a couple of months and see if there
    will be any improvements.

  21. Where is the water? Gallon per day? Where is the iodine?

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  25. +Timmu Gregorius *Still Struggling with Thyroid Symptoms?*

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