Three Things Every Woman Should Know about Makeup

PEOPLE-woman-make-up-natural-beautyWomen who would like to enhance their facial features often rely on makeup to do a good job of it. Fortunately, you do not necessarily need that caked makeup look in order to look your best.

By knowing which facial features to highlight, you can take advantage of the wonders of makeup to make you look beautiful, whether you are preparing for a day at work or a hot date night.

What Women Should Know about Makeup

If you’re a novice at putting on makeup, here are the top three things that you should know:

1. Moisturize first before applying your foundation.

As women age, a skin care regimen step that they should never skip out on is moisturizing. This will prevent deep lines from developing on your skin over the years, and it will prevent your skin from growing leathery. But how can you moisturize if you need to put on makeup when preparing for work?

An important rule that you need to remember when using moisturizer is that you need to let your skin absorb it first before applying your foundation. Let’s say that you bought a liquid foundation which you always use prior to putting on eye shadow and lipstick. After cleansing your face, apply the moisturizer. Do not immediately apply the foundation after moisturizing. Let the product stay on your face for a few minutes.

Then, apply the liquid foundation and proceed with the rest of your makeup ritual. Aside from helping your skin absorb the moisturizer better, you will also be saving money on buying foundation because you would not have to use any more product than you have to.

2. It’s all about the lips.

Before getting some shuteye, apply lip balm. This is supposed to moisturize your lips and keep them kissable. When you apply the balm right before putting on lipstick, it just slides right off. But when you use it at night, the balm will sit on your lips and make it moisturized, primed and ready for lipstick the next morning.

3. Work those eyebrows!

Finally, don’t forget your eyes and eyebrows are one of the most important areas of every woman, and remember to work on those eyebrows. This is a part of the face which some women tend to ignore when putting on makeup. The key is to keep your brows shaped to suit your facial structure. Wax or tweeze your eyebrows regularly. Then, you can simply use an eyebrow brush to put any stray strands into place, giving you that well put together look.

With all the makeup products available in the market today, there’s really no excuse for you not to look your best when going out. By following these three tricks, you can have that beautiful, effortlessly made up look that will bring out your best features.

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Updated: August 24, 2013 — 5:09 am

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