Three Steps to Proper Gym Work-Out Motivation

It’s around this time of year when the weather gets warmer and nicer outside that people start to think about coming out of their winter hibernation and start getting some exercise. For some, it will be a chance to try and lose the weight put on over the festive period, whilst for others it is about becoming trim and fit for the summer vacation. Whatever the motivation behind it, maintaining that enthusiasm for exercise beyond the first trip to the gym is hard, so this article aims to share some pointers to help you keep on going.


  1. Set yourself a goal. Exercise without a point becomes dull and hard work, so by setting yourself a target to work towards, you’re making it more fun and interesting. These goals can be anything from becoming a faster runner to losing X pounds of weight, to being able to bench press so many kilos. Whatever your goal is, make sure that you have a way of recording your progress (an app on your phone or a chart on the fridge usually works best because they are places which you will see a lot) so that you feel inspired to continue your progress.
  2. Find a work out buddy. There of course will be times when you’ve not managed to train, or when you don’t feel like you’re making progress, but these are the times when you an outside influence to help keep your motivation up. Finding someone to work out with, whether it’s a friend, your partner or just a random stranger from the gym, helps push you harder, as it’s a shared experience. You’ll also be providing help and motivation to them too. Make sure it’s someone you get on with, and that they are supporting you in the right way for your needs.
  3. Atmosphere is everything. Imagine coming home to a house that is decorated in a way that makes you feel tense and nervous; you probably wouldn’t come home very often! The same applies to the gym that you attend. If it’s not a comfortable place for you, then you’re not likely to go very often. What is comfortable will vary from person to person, whether it’s a lot of machines, not many people around or good art work on the walls. There are plenty of gyms to choose from, so don’t feel you have to go for the one closest to home or the one offering you the best deal.
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