1. Yo what part of MD do you live in? I also live in MD cuz

  2. if you found a way to not practice law and make a good living, would you
    take it in a hearbeat? I know many of my lawyer friends who have said “oh
    fuck yes” 

  3. God I can i can’t even imagine how many dumb females you’ve made cry in
    your lifetime

  4. Fitness question. What do you do for your pre-workout? Do you ever do an
    elaborate stretching session (5-10 minutes, if that’s elaborate) followed
    by 10 minutes of low-mid-key cardio (i.e. 1 mile at 6.5 mph)?

    Or do you have other recommendations?

  5. Love your page, funny as hell. I hate it when people take themselves too

  6. why so angry over crossfit? let people choose what they want.. you
    powerlift, bodybuilders may see you the same was as you see crossfitters.

  7. Ahhhh yeah! Its The Trapezoid!

  8. What exercises do you do for your traps? You specifically. 

  9. God damn you make me laugh when I think humor is dead, THANK YOU!

  10. Saying that rich froning doesn’t do crossfit and that he trains for
    crossfit is the same thing as saying an Olympic athlete doesn’t do the 400
    M sprint. Track athletes train for their events and rarely actually do the
    event. Froning trains very similar to traditional crossfit workouts but he
    does more interval based work. 

  11. “I’ll get diabetes” hahahaha

  12. trapmaster flex lmao

    Great vid man.. you crack me up lol

  13. moar

  14. I think the main problem with Crossfit is that it’s got all of the symptoms
    of being a fad… and it looks like a potentially dangerous fad to boot.
    Barbell lifting is pretty serious business and they’re doing it in a fairly
    haphazard manner.

    Also, I think constantly changing what you’re doing in the gym won’t help
    your progress. Muscle growth only seems to result from a certain kind of
    stimulus, and won’t happen if you’re not methodical about it and just doing
    random shit like throwing a sandbag around twenty times. 

  15. Gotta work on that audio. Have to blast my speakers to hear you talk, and
    then your out-tro is at a normal volume so it’s really loud as shit once
    the speakers are turned all the way up

  16. Froning is a beast, plain and simple. Anyone who can OH squat 365, clean
    and jerk 370 and do what he does with wod’s in competition is a beast. Yes
    I know there are oly lifters that weigh 40lbs less than him that can c&j
    400, but for someone that isn’t specifically training only on those lifts
    and puts those numbers up is a beast IMO. No i’m not a xfitter, just
    respect the #’s. I played D1 ball and I was 1 of 3 people that could even
    clean 370+, but damn sure couldn’t jerk it lol.

  17. solid video bro…..lol fuckn planet fitness and their pizza night! is it a
    reward or is it really job security? 

  18. I like your channel man, but it’s pronounced tooootsie rolls.

  19. Tootsie roll gainnzzzzz

  20. when you think crossfit can’t get anymore douchy, they name their champions
    “fittest man/woman on earth”…. usain bolt might be the fastest man ever
    but that is not his official title… every time i see a video of froning,
    they have the title “fittest man on earth” underlined… which is really
    arrogant and part of why the hate on crossfit… what’s wrong with
    “Crossfit Games Champion”??

  21. You make me wanna punch crossfit.
    It’s pronounced “DiA-beedes”

  22. While I’m not a fan of PF I would absolutely go in there if I had AIDS and
    they had the cure

  23. whats wrong with the volume in these 2 video.i have to turn it 100% and use
    ear phone

  24. Love it, you are the man!

  25. Omg lol “I wouldnt go to planet fitness if i had aids, and the cure was
    inside it” 

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