Thinking about buying Commercial Fitness Equipment? are you the Treadmill or Elliptical type? Let me try and help

Choose Remanufactured Fitness Equipment,  Or flush your money!

Like everything else in life you get what you pay for, and fitness equipment is no different. At some point in life, I’ve found that most people become health conscious and want to get some form of fitness equipment in their home. As the costs for gym memberships have been on the rise over the years many people are deciding its more cost and time effective to buy their own commercial gym equipment.
For a long time this wasn’t very practical as you would have to pay over $8,000 in order to buy the same equipment you might find at your local gym (you know the quality stuff that won’t break in 6 months) but all that has changed and there is one main reason why now more than ever people can afford to get the Quality fitness products they want in the comfort and convenience of their own home. The answer is Certified Pre-Owned Gym Equipment, Did you know you can get Re-manufactured exercise equipment that is practically the exact same quality as a Brand New Machine for almost 1/4 the cost?
If you are looking for a health club quality machine and don’t want to spend the big bucks, Certified Pre-Owned is the best way to buy a health club quality machine. If you are a business owner, save money and spend the rest on marketing your own company. Typically you save 40%-70% by purchasing Certified Pre-Owned exercise equipment versus brand new gym equipment! Each of these machines goes through an extensive process mechanically and cosmetically to ensure the machines are as close to original factory standards as possible.
Another really cool thing is that Certified Pre-Owned exercise equipment normally has extended warranties and are typically less than 3 years old. I always tell people to think of it like purchasing a BMW from the dealership. You lease and drive away a brand new BMW from the dealership, return it after 10,000 miles, and that’s the best time to buy the car. It’s still in excellent shape, the dealer will replace the tire, brakes, etc, and you will save at least 40% off the original price. This is exactly how Certified Pre-Owned Commercial Fitness Equipment works from One Shot Fitness and the best part is your friends will never know you didn’t even buy it brand new. Trust me you don’t want to workout on CHEAP exercise equipment that doesn’t feel very sturdy while your working out.
Just make sure you do your research and talk to experts before you buy and use any Commercial Exercise Equipment or Gym Equipment.

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