Thigh Toning Exercises

Here are a few great thigh toning exercises for women that you can at home and away from the gym. Not only that, they’re actually better than those exercises you do at the gym that waste all your time and get you very little results.

Outer Thigh Stretch

What this does is it helps firm up you outter thigh muscles. I know what you’re thinking right now. Just trust me, do this. It help create an hourglass figure. You can do bodyweight squats to accomplish this. Do 4 sets of 15-20 each day… resting 1 minute between each set.

Here what I would like for you to consider doing. If you have stairs in your house, run up them. Then walk back down. Repeat this nonstop for 10 minutes. Do this 6 days a week. So as you can see, that’s a grand total of 1 hour out of your life in a week. You have 168 hours in a week, so that’s not even 1% of your time devoted to this.

If you like doing your exercising at the gym instead of at home, then hop on a treadmill that inclines at an angle around 15 degrees and walk on that for 20-25 minutes. Since there are a lot of different guys of treadmills, you’ll need to estimate what a 15 degree incline is on the one you’re using.

When performing exercises, be it weight lifting for building and toning muscles or cardio exercises for endurance and to reduce weight, most people do not do stretching exercises adequately even though stretching exercises can be performed by anyone at any age unless that person has some physical disability to stretch. Many even do not stretch before and after exercising.

For best results, start with 15-20 repetitions and one set. Increase gradually to 2 sets. Complete the routine at least 2 times a week for best results. This is an effective beginner to intermediate toning program. Please remember that these numbers are general guidelines only. For an optimum program tailored to your needs, please consult a certified personal trainer. If you have any injuries or medical ailments, please obtain a physicians clearance before starting any exercise program.

On the opposite the upright is less limited, so you can select to also sit down or stand up as you pedal. This allows you to exercise different areas of muscle. Many models also come with handle bars that allow the rider to either cycle in a sitting up position or in a more competitive, racing position.

The more years I spend doing this, the more I realize that everything is about doing the right things, in the right way, over and over. I’ve also learned that if you don’t start seeing results relatively quickly, then you are probably doing something wrong or leaving something out of the picture. I also realize that the higher the level you achieve, the more you keep shifting your goals.

The bottom line however, as far as topical or superficial solutions to cellulite is concerned, is that they are not effective. Whatever visible effect they may have is only temporary but the fat remains. True and permanent elimination of cellulite can only be achieved through regular fat burning activities and muscle toning exercises. There are also certain foods to avoid in order to discourage fat (which eventually take the distinct form of cellulite) from being stored in the body.

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