1. This video was GREAT! it really helped me get up on my feet! thanks!

  2. Notice that the food pyramid alwoays changes every few years. that’s cause
    it’s always wrong. And it still is. It’s influenced by food companies. The
    speaker is saying to eat 3 peices of fruit a day? …and 7 servings of
    grain? Humans aren’t natural grain(grass) eaters. We’re fruit eaters. I’ve
    eaten 10 pieces a day for the last 12 years. Too many cals? I LOST weight
    when I started this 50% fruitarian eating.

  3. The presentation is a little dull and basic

  4. Maybe you eat LIKE one. People are always repeating that mantra as if to
    convince themselves their current habits are OK. Mabye humans are in the
    process of becoming omnivores, but I’d rather not choose a path that’s not
    working out for humanity. I will choose the diet that nature/God originally
    intended for all animals before the ice age made it inconvenient.

  5. god, whats god got to di with it.

  6. Gary, there is no god – pay attention to science. Don’t be so fucking

  7. I used the term “nature/God” to cover the bases of what people believe –
    whatever created us. I’m not religious. I’ve been a science enthusiast
    since 1985. I was just saying, our bodies are most suited for a plant diet.

  8. fruit is the plant kingdom’s gift to the animal kingdom. The expend a lot
    of their resources transforming sunlight into a form of energy that animals
    can use as a reward for spreading their seeds. The perfect food, and the
    food our ancestors evolved on. Make fruit at least 50% of your diet, better
    at least 70% and see the difference.

  9. Hilarious — at the end of the video she says she doesn’t mention trans
    fat because food labels say “0 grams”…. but that’s only if it’s less than
    a half a gram per serving (and then of course the serving size can be
    manipulated small enough to be below this labeling requirement….) Just wow

  10. Keep the crap (toxins) out of u such as… fast food, processed foods,
    SUGAR, aspartame (artificial sweetners), fried foods (trans fats), flour,
    table salt, enriched anything, over the counter drugs (like tylenol),
    prescription drugs, alcohol, etc. think NATURE – eat WHOLE foods, not 2
    much, mostly plants. Fruits, veggies, Nuts & seeds. Meat if eaten,
    moderation & should be clean. Grass feed beef, wild fish (not farmed), etc.
    Marijuana-Cannabis-Pot for MEDICINE. Truthknowledge. com

  11. @HairLikeCottonCandy (Or) God is Snoopy! What is your point? Of course you
    can have a broad enough definition of God to find God in anything. That is
    a little misleading however, since most believers in God are referring to
    the God of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Krishna, etc. These are personal
    Gods with a personal message that in final analysis is destructive to
    scientific progress and civilization.

  12. @HairLikeCottonCandy – again, i can sit here all day smoking it and nothing
    bad ever happens. its impossible to OD. whereas withi alcohol. WOW. no way
    could i stand up and go somewhere after consuming too much. feel free to
    come over, bring some with you and i’ll show u!

  13. full house

  14. Thanks for this presentation. Very well done indeed.

  15. is anyone acutualy there? Guess she’s pretending to make a presentation

  16. Good information. Thanks

  17. Katherine Mcclendon

    I love seeing Google doing such things. The other one I see is the Green
    Innovation… Keep it up!

  18. Well done Google for high tech camera work

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  20. Alexander LegisNonScriptae

    Perhaps reasonable intro for the severely diet-challenged, although
    incomplete and in parts disingenious eg at 13:30 where ketchup is lauded
    for its tomatoes’ phytochemical antioxidants, entirely failing to mention
    that the generous presence of the western world’s number-1
    health-destroyer, the super-oxidant we call sugar (or in cheaper brands
    often the even worse glucose or fructose syrup), will strongly counteract
    the antioxidants in the same product.

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  22. I was trying to figure out the same thing; but you were there. I was there.
    and so were over 12,000 other viewers who clicked this video. She actually
    did make a presentation; and a good one. Many blessings.

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