1. #WestbrookWednesday New Episode!

  2. I’m really starting to think that u ppl tht are commenting are so hating
    ass jealous insecure judgmental mutha fuckers. Lmao ain’t nothing wrong
    with what India has on. Its WORK OUT CLOTHES!! Y’all mad y’all can’t were
    shit like tht. Who cares if kids are around. Y’all mommas go to the store
    with all fat hanging out & it be kids around lhh no matter wat she wears
    y’all stay talking shit. So what grown men sees her in tht. Its plenty off
    young ppl that work out in outfits like tht around grown men. Its not about
    showing off its about being comfortable in your own skin. That’s something
    y’all need to develope!! 

  3. Why they can’t put their phones down? Instagram will be there when you’re

  4. I loveee Crystal! but India needs to put some pants on, no one else was
    working out in booty shorts, and then she was with that trainer guy and her
    father, she should have had some clothes on. 

  5. I enjoyed this episode. This makes me want to grab my sisters and go to the
    gym, and workout together.

  6. i love crustal she seems so down to earth but why was india wearing an
    outfit so inappropriate especially around her dad

  7. I agree with everyone. India does dress hella hoochy , Im suprise her dad
    dont say anything cause shes a pretty girl with a nice fit body, guys gone
    wanna rape her Walking out like THAT. And no those arent Workout clothes ,
    its attention clothes. It was not THAT dang hot outside to be showing that
    much skin especially around family, it was windy but whatever she just
    doing her thing . Dont reply with negative comments. Im just saying my

  8. They all beautiful but I find Brooke to be sexy as hell 

  9. Why didn’t they teach us how to do the exercises 

  10. I really hope to see more of India’s personality so far she just stays on
    her phone for days even when her dad asked her about bree having lipo she
    was just stuck on IG like i know you gotta lotta followers and promo’s to
    do but jeez its just making her seem stuck up I’m not tryna hate on her at
    all i support her but Crystal just seems more humbling and sweeter 

  11. Crytal is fine and sexy also she seems so down to earth.

  12. Lol boring ass girls. At least make the videos longer. Why it gotta b
    fitness all the time?? Damn if thats all the older girls do is work out
    according to these episodes its fasho not working… Like do real daily
    vlogs like itsjudyslife. you don’t need somebody following you with a
    camera all the time lol.

  13. Where’s their mother though ?

  14. I luv Morgans determination gatta luv a girl who rly strives to attain her
    goals n for me personally I luv a girl that’s pushes herself in the
    gym…..I noticed the rest of the girls but Morgan grabbed my attention
    with the realness

  15. Also why is India wearing makeup? At the gym? I mean you are going to
    sweat. Plus she looks even prettier without it!:) 

  16. I’m a Cali. babay L.A Northridge Brentwood ooooh Sand Aiko I see you!!
    Ain’t nowhere that I’d rather be!

  17. It amazes me how people are calling India’s outfit “inappropriate” when all
    she is showing is her stomach and legs? Those are not even private parts.
    What is inappropriate about the human body when everybody has one!? People
    just over sexualize the female body. A guy could have his shirt off and
    it’d be looked at has just fine even though woman find that sexy but if I
    girl shows her body it’s wrong! There is nothing shameful about the human
    body and that’s sad that society made people think there is. STFU! Stop
    worrying about other people’s actions. If you don’t like something don’t do
    it, there’s no point of stating your opinion if no good comes from it. 

  18. The audio sucks and they should find someone to film this so it looks at
    little less amateur. The camera shaking made it a little hard to watch. And
    if they’re gonna call them “episodes” they should make them a little

  19. UFC GYM? that shit look dope af

  20. this is only the 3rd episoide, bascically the same day they split it up
    like this to keep everybody watchin but im sure it gonna get wayyy more
    interesting in the later shows like their personal and love life and all
    that, i wating for the thing that happens between ron and india, i kno they
    are gonna show it

  21. I love how the whole family is getting fit! Everyone seems interested but
    India. She seems very uncaring and brings a lot of negativity to the show!

  22. Crystal!!!

  23. New story line and it needs to be longer even regular vlogs are at least 20
    minutes long…

  24. This ‘Show” is boring as fuck. fitness…fitness…fitness. Like I wanna
    see more than just fitness. Like do something other than fitness. and why
    are they showing the same people? they need to be longer. 

  25. Chaymeriyia Moncrief

    Yeahhhh this shows are boring… 

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