1. One of the more baffling and reprehensible M.O. of the GOP: push for less
    government unless it’s a critical base-pandering issue like infringing on
    women’s health and privacy.

  2. Our politics are unhealthy.

  3. These sorry a$$ Republicans have no business telling women what they should
    do with and how they should live their lives. The decision whether to have
    an abortion or not is no one’s business but the woman’s. These hypocrite
    Republicans always want someone to pick on. If it is not Black people, it
    is gays and lesbians; if not gays and lesbians, it is women. What they need
    to do, though, is to get off the women’s vaginas!!! That’s what they need
    to do. Maybe they want to own and play with them day in and day out. lmfao

  4. If you Have a Mother, Sister, Girlfriend or for us gay guys a Flame Dame
    (AKA Fag Hags). It our duite as men to protect them to make sure they have
    the freedom to chose if they become a mother or not. to have access to
    basic care for they are the ones that bring life into this world. Help
    to Stop the War on Woman’s Health 

  5. Women should feel very safe knowing they have people like Anthony Weiner,
    Bob Filner, Elliott Spitzer, John Edwards and Bill Clinton looking out for
    them. LOL!! ntone who buys in to this “war on women” catch phrase just so
    they can get out of paying for their own birth control is a selfish nutter.

  6. Guess you want them videos online too aye?

  7. I just want women to feel safe knowing Weiner has their back.

  8. He may be behind them, but watch out he’s cumming.

  9. You know what a New York jock strap is right? A Weiner supporter.

  10. “Sometimes you need a little oppression to keep the country in order.”
    ‘Murica, the land of the free. Fuckyeah

  11. Just remember, my freedom ends where yours begins.

  12. Thank fuck for that.

  13. I am not a big pro life proponent but aren’t more than half of the aborted
    babies female? War on unborn women? And isn’t it a lot easier, safer, and
    cheaper to use a rubber? I used one until I wanted a child, took it off,
    had the child, put it back on. No surgery, no mangled fetus, no copay at
    the clinic… makes sense to me. Pro choice is put a friggin rubber on
    idiots. They give away free condoms at 12 step meetings and health clinics
    around here and I live in a red state… just sayin…

  14. Yes and all the gay closeted repubicans fighting for other side… It’s all
    a big joke and we are the butts… the lesser of two evils is my choice but
    it’s still evil. Gun control nuts needs to be stopped because the deficit
    will never be fixed with the socialists gaining momentum in the doomed
    republic. Let’s just hope the crash comes while I am still young enough to
    defend my family till we can rebuild again AND THIS TIME NO LEFTIES. I’ll
    take arguing with falwell over fighting stalin any day


  16. I see NewLeftMedia, and a couple goons in this video haven’t taken the time
    to research Margaret Sanger and everything she stood for…

  17. Shit, I see NewLeftMedia and many of the goons in this video haven’t taken
    the time to research the negative side effects of birth control pills as

  18. Bryneen Katina Gary

    Bubbles and cramps to My stomach

  19. if your school is full of shitty parents wouldn’t you think that was a sign
    that birth control needs to be available?

  20. No, because it’s not fair to the defenseless.

  21. End the War On Women!! Hillary 2016!!!

  22. War on women that’s ridiculous & false What about a war on men Men pay more
    for car insurance Men pay more for life insurance how about ladies night
    women drink free men don’t Men pay taking women on dates Truth is women get
    all kinds of perks just for being women War on women my ass Democrats are
    frauds & preach hate racism & division Everyone’s a victim & Government’s
    the hero & you idiots eat that shit up Look it’s simple it’s sex no one
    should have to pay for your promiscuity but you

  23. even if republicans take away birth control for single women (they cant) I
    still WONT be barefoot, pregnant, slaved in the kitchen and married, I will
    stay single and masturbate! they cant stop us from doing that! they can
    take away our sex toys but they cant take away our hands! I guess after
    that they will start enforcing forced marriages like in the muslim

  24. we shouldnt even have to justify going on birth control by saying ‘it gets
    rid of my period cramps’ if we want to go on birth control then thats out
    business! condoms split! its called practising safe sex!

  25. Jonathan Blaze lives across the street from me and is a registered sex

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