1. The Test of Fitness



  4. I love CrossFit!

  5. hey if your fit might as well do something with your body…

  6. terrific.

  7. Awesome!

  8. well I’m fuckin pumped!

  9. This was amazing 

  10. That was an amazing vid! So freaking inspirational…I’m hitting a PR
    tonight no matter what! Team JaB

  11. This is amazing, and I so agree, the next generation of CrossFitters are
    going to blow the capabilities of the human body out of the water! 

  12. 18:44 pause lulz

  13. I just want to say that this was absolutely awesome, one of the best videos
    to go up on this page Crossfit! I also want to wish everyone whose planning
    on doing the Open a hearty good luck! Do work and kill every workout guys
    and gals!

  14. Such an amazing video!

  15. Wow!!!

  16. Best crossfit video yet.

  17. Viva la CROSSFIT!!!!

  18. I just got done with a workout, Matched my PR on bench then killed a wod
    with some hard and fast rope climbs and I’m ready to go lift again, right
    now, something heavy, I’m pumped.

  19. Excellent Documentary!

  20. Awesome work!

  21. Final Credits 28:57
    well that’s funny lol

  22. Just Brilliant! Wish it was longer.

  23. Well that was sex.

  24. <3 crossfit

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