The Simplest, Most Effective Ab Workout

Have you ever wanted a flat stomach or the 6-pack abs you see guys with on TV? I know I did and this is by far the best workout I have tried and it got me those 6-pack abs. It can do the same for you!

All that is needed to perform the two exercises involved in the short workout is a set of dumbells that are the style that you add and remove weight to the ends, and a pillow for added comfort.


Exercise one- Dumbell Ab Roll

Many people have probably seen on tv the “ab rollers” that you get on your hands and knees and grab the “ab roller” and roll out away from your body and then back towards your body. It is the same principle using the dumbells except the dumbells don’t help you come back like the “ab rollers” do. This allows for more intensity, a faster workout, and faster results.

If you are on a hard floor you can put a pillow under your knees for comfort.

You can vary the intensity of the workout by how far out you go away from your knees, how long you perform the exercise, etc. You can also spread your arms some and work your chest and abs at the same time.

Generally you want to perform the exercise for AT LEAST 2 minutes, but go only as long as you can.

Exercise two- Bicycle Ab Crunches

After you finish the Dumbell Ab Roll, lay on your back and do some bicycle ab crunches. This is when you support your head with your hands and alternate moving your legs away from your body and in towards your body like riding a bicycle. Its a very effective exercise. When you bring your knees up, bring the elbow on the opposite side towards that knee as close as possible. This will add intensity and give you faster results.


It is tough, and believe me, after your first workout, the next day your abs will be sore. Thats how you know its working. Do not work out your abdominals again until you are not sore anymore. Don’t worry if it is a few days. You are allowing your muscles to rebuild themselves. After a couple weeks you will be able to workout every other day and be absolutely fine with not nearly as much soreness.

Remember to always perform the exercises as long as you can without stopping. Don’t worry about timing it. I find it a good idea to do it while watching television to keep my mind off of it.

Enjoy being on your way to a toned core and the sexy abs you’ve dreamed of!

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