1. hooowoooo….wow the people are cheering u…….why dont u go and live and
    work in a city in India….and then lets see what u think…where do think
    u will get the money from without working ur ass off…where u will get
    healthy environment when its dust and pollution everywhere….where do u
    get healthy relationship when u are struggling to make ends meet and
    struggling to feed urself and ur kid…where do u get good sleep when its
    so noisy and mosquitoes bite u during the sleep….

  2. (continued from previous comment) how can u get good healthy sexual life
    when u are sleeping in one room house with ur kids sleeping in same
    room…where do u get good physical exercise when u come home exhausted
    from work and u have to take care of ur kid and cook dinner for kids…are
    u taking care of ur old parents who are suffering from aging problems….it
    is all very easy to talk and say what u are saying….but still u have to
    live respectfully in this world…

  3. (continued from previous comment) if I dont like my wife, u say I should
    divorce her and get a healthy relationship…then who will take care of my
    wife, who will provide her financially and protect her in the streets where
    u find all the scum waiting to pounce on a woman….if I divorce I will
    create one more demon as my kid…so if I sit and relax and have a perfect
    life like u describe…will u take care of my financial needs which is THE
    most important needs in today’s world…

  4. Well said and a reality check for all of us living a privileged life
    outside a third world country. Talks like this must be insulting at best
    and rage-inducing at worst for those, like yourself, who struggle every day
    just to maintain the minimum standard of life. We are a spoiled,
    self-interested bunch in the west. Pampered poodles compared to the rest of
    the real world.

  5. Good points, but those are truths from your life. She speaks her truth.
    There is no shortage of wise guru’s in India on the Internets and
    you-tubes. Not liking your wife is something to determine before you make a
    commitment and have children. Stress makes you sick, it strains the immune
    system. Do what is right for the right reasons. No perfect lives, only
    lives. Live yours well. Her theories are mostly Indian in origin, so it
    should mostly be familiar, just not taught in US medical school.

  6. A very very old thought and proven lifestyle

  7. Did she get dressed in the dark?

  8. I need guidance, education, love, things I can’t give myself and things no
    one else is willing to give me, so basically I’m doomed.

  9. Tank you dear

  10. May be it is not about them saying “me, me, me”, but rather it is all about
    what YOU can learn from THEM.

  11. I don’t think humanity needs lesson in selfishness – we pretty much have
    that covered – but thanks for the thought.

  12. This is nothing new. Chinese have known about this for 5000 years. Ying and
    Yang — I am sure everybody heard of this.

  13. Spam post.

  14. Shelly F has the answer to the meaning of life.

  15. Some of these talks are good and helpful. But people really are starting to
    believe that you don’t need to have medical treatment to get better and
    that is a load of shit!

  16. this horse should go back to horse whispering

  17. what she found is already summed up in the first chapter of Huang Di Nei
    Jing over 2000 years ago.

  18. Skip to end of talk…she’s selling another self-help book!

  19. I’m all better now that I heard this.

    do believe you will love it and get a lot from it. It has changed my life
    for the better like no other, and I read alot! Enjoy.

  21. Her experience after the “perfect storm,” her life taking a hiatus before a
    sharp redirection, and her recommendations are so in line with the New
    Message from God, which simplifies the cairn to 4 Pillars as the foundation
    for your life.

  22. She makes interesting points about the body. I hope we can remember that
    the mind can trigger the body both positively and negatively. I believe if
    the mind is toxic, the body has no choice but to follow.

  23. So being happy and (relatively) carefree is good for your health? Did she
    really need 18 minutes to bring that point across?

  24. Excuse me!With all due respect for TED and for her PhD and personal
    experience,she is telling us that if we have a healthy life,if we live in a
    healthy environment,if we have healthy relationships,if we are financially
    healthy(so if we are aliens from another planet)…we are healthy??Wow…
    Needed a PhD to tell me that!
    Eternal gratitude,I will just jump now to tell my boss I need all that.Feel
    free to do the same!Peace.

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