1. I wanna be ME again. I gained 60kg bij medications, hormones and a thyroid
    issue (genetics, thanks mom-she is on her thyroid meds for over 40 years
    now and has a healthy weight – i used to be underweight {anorexic} for 20
    I wanna feel ME again, not what i look like in the mirror (what makes me
    feel sick). Then i can be happy.

  2. @Maria P. It’s not the deadlines that create the tension and panic, it’s
    your thoughts about the deadlines that creates it. Ask yourself how would
    you like to feel while preparing for your finals and then find thoughts
    that help support that feeling. 

  3. I want to not mainly lose wieght, but to just be healthy.

  4. Hi Dani. that was a great talk you gave. thank you. In answer to your
    request, I would like to loose weight so that I will be healthy. In the
    past 4 years I have gained so much weight especially around the middle area
    that I’m so fed up with myself looking horrible and being sick. I have
    diabetes and the meds are contributing to my weight as well as what I’m
    eating. I don’t exercise at all (I know I am my worse enemy)…I am 5 ft
    and weigh 205 lbs. I’m sick of being sick!!! I’m really planning to do
    something about this situation for the new year. I thank you for all your
    inspiration Dani. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year and
    all the best to you and your family in the coming year!!

  5. Thank you…I’d like to be happy…and oddly enough, that was what I’d
    decided before I watched this. I thought that by focusing on “happy” for
    2014 I would reach everything else. Your method seems more focused.

    I want to lose weight and I want to feel better–to get into a healthy and
    fit condition . I’m wary of wanting an impossible goal, though. I think of
    how I was when I was young when I think of my goal instead of imagining
    what a realistic result would be (I’m 61). Am I overthinking?

  6. Dani you are the best. The best “thing” happened to me this year. I wish i
    could have you closer. You could guide me thrue this process of loosing
    waight. Im 5″4 right now my wight is 150. Im Depress to see myself with
    this belly. There is no hour during the day i dont feel and grab my “rolls”
    under my brest. Or when i seat in the toilet i grab my extra belly and
    think.. IF I COULD HAVE A LIPO.. how can i get rid of “this” i know what im
    suppose to be eating, and not eating. I tried. I walk. I do everything and
    nothing happens. Even ibought some pills. They dont work either. :(

  7. 00000materialization

    this inspired me a lot. thanks dani!!

  8. That was wonderful. Thank you

  9. Looking really delicious here Dani! Haha! Seriously, good advice! Thanks!!!
    To add on..

    Success is a JOURNEY and not the destination… it’s the PROCESS.

    My goals? Ooo lots, one is to start painting again. Why? Cause it gives me
    the kick! They key is to find the consistency to do it bit by bit EVERYDAY.
    It’s a journey and process that gives me that satisfaction…

    Cheers and Happy Holidays Dani!

  10. hi dani. your words ring true my dear. feeling good about one’s self is a
    milestone that is reachable. weather for self satisfaction, even health
    issues. care what u think about urself not what others do. do it for
    urself. happy new year’s hon ralph ♥

  11. I want to make healthier food choices and be healthier in mind, body and
    spirit. I have failed at exercise plans in the past because at some point
    I would feel like it’s a punishment. I need to do some self examination to
    find that thing that thing/feeling I’m looking for. Thanks so much for
    this and all of your other clean and delicious videos!! :)

  12. One of my main goals in 2014 is for my outside to reflect the positive
    changes I feel inside. So I run and eat the way I do because I feel
    energetic and happy inside but my body still shows some residual effects of
    post partum depression twice in 3 years and a decade of stress eating
    through college and grad school. So the feeling I’m after? – reflection /
    congruence. I would want a total stranger to think that girl knows who she

  13. Hi Dani! Thanks for sharing! I would just like to ask for your advice on
    how to stay consistent. I’m really good about getting into a workout
    routine/eating right for a few weeks, but then I get distracted and fall
    off for a few weeks, then I’m back on. I’m naturally thin and was an
    athlete all my life, so thankfully my weight doesn’t yo-yo, but I’d really
    like to stay consistent for health reasons. It’s like I binge on junk food
    and sit around during these “valleys,” and I know that’s not healthy. What
    can I do to ensure that I ALWAYS eat right and don’t ever stop working out?
    It’s so frustrating that I do this to myself, it’s like self-sabotage :-/

  14. This is a great topic. I have always been goal driven in so many aspects of
    my life and been able to succeed. But when it comes to weight management
    and fitness I feel like I have always fallen short. I think your tips are
    very enlightening. Thanks Dani

  15. Do you ever think that we humans overthink everything and we might be
    better off if we were more like animals driven by instinct and not
    intellectualizing our existence?
    “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans” John Lennon.
    I too achieve tranquility of the mind by being in nature and by doing
    something I enjoy like sculpting. Can you do a video of your other hobbies
    besides cooking? I’m sure you have a lot of skills that would inspire us. 

  16. Thanks Dani, I love this video. I have always heard that if you want to
    achieve a goal you should act and think as if you already have… sounds
    like great advice but if your goal is to have 10 million dollars and you
    are living on 2000 a month its kind of hard to act like you have 10 million
    haha. Instead, you telling us to find smaller ways now to achieve the
    feelings we are expecting to get when we achieve the goal, this makes much
    more sense to me. After all… if you continue to feel the way you feel
    now, you will continue to do the same things you are doing now and you will
    not be able to make progress for long.

  17. Edward Sarah Matthews

    Hi, Dani, I just wanted to give a quick thanks for your helpful tips. I
    have been having difficulty with losing weight after having two c sections.
    I love to work out, unfortunately I don’t get a whole lot of time to
    workout in a day. I do workout every day but I feel like a half hour is not
    long enough. I don’t feel the results and I certainly do not see any
    results. My biggest problem is tackling the loose skin you get right after
    baby. With the c- sections it seemed to have made the loose tummy harder to
    tackle. Any suggestions on what I can do to loose this part of my body? 

  18. Makes so much sense and reminds me of the secret also 

  19. Ur video was like reading in my head.. my fitness goal is to be more fit
    and toned and the feeling i want to be better me, connect with my self me
    and empowered

  20. Hey! Thanks for the video and tips. But my goal is to lose 82-100 lbs this
    year to be a healthier me for myself and son. I want to be able to run and
    play with him. Thanks for the book suggest!

  21. Sassy Sally Strikes Again

    just brilliant- for all my weight loss surgery and non peeps- who are
    chasing the goal of a number on a scale- or an end result– this is
    liberating process feeling truth!

  22. Sassy Sally Strikes Again

    where have you been all my life- lol– I have JUST found you and this video
    is an awesome paradigm shift for so many. I hate goals- I like
    intentions- I like process- I like the feelings I want to feel– and you
    have laid it out there! Sharing- and all the recipes too! magnificent! 

  23. I love this and it makes perfect sense. I work in health care and my goal
    of wanting to drop 15 pounds is 2 fold; a)I need to be a healthy role model
    to patients and b)I don’t ever want to be a patient… in my very humble
    opinion and based on what I see daily, most illnesses are avoidable if
    you’re willing to take care of yourself, eat clean, get your cardio in and
    focus on what’s really important, your health.

  24. This is so me! thank you so much for this video. I keep running after
    skinny to get happy. Thank you

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