The Secret to Real Happiness

how to avoid bad breathWhat is your standard response when someone asks “how are you?” Most of us have something generic that we automatically mumble when this question comes our way. Some of the standard answers are “fine” and “good.” If you are like most people, you have mumbled these generic answers many times when your life was anything but fine or good. This is exactly what is standing in the way of most people finding real happiness!

When you give a generic response to others, you rob yourself of an opportunity to be authentic. You also rob the other person of an opportunity to bond with you and really get to know who you are and what you stand for in life.

When you stop shutting yourself and others out from your reality, you step into an authentic life that brings real happiness and genuine contentment. Few people have the strength and desire to start living this authentic life, but those who do are rewarded with a personal understanding of the true meaning of success.

The Secret to Happiness

Living a happy life is not the same as living a worry-free life. Everyone must go through their struggles, but happy people put those struggles in perspective. They focus on others who have it much worse in order to feel thankful for what they do have. When things start to look bad and their minds start to worry, happy people look around them and realize that there are others struggling right along with them and it is just a natural part of life!

The secret to experiencing genuine happiness is reaching out to others. When you focus only on yourself, there will always be things you wish you had. There will always be disappointments, regrets, and worries. It is so easy to get caught up in self-pity and that leads to depression, sadness, and anxiety.

When you allow yourself to focus on others, your own problems are put into perspective. Rather than wishing you had the newest iPhone you realize that there are many who wish for just any phone with a dial tone. Rather than pitying yourself for being stuck in a low paying job, you realize there are so many others suffering because they have no job.

There are also happy things that come from focusing on others. The friend who just lost a hundred pounds may become your biggest motivation to get healthy. Seeing the joy in a neighbor’s eye when they accept a marriage proposal or bring home a new baby will spill joy into your own heart.

The emotions you feel coming out of others will be picked up into your own life, and that is a beautiful thing! As you bring positive vibes into your own world, you will pass those positive vibes on to others who need it just as much as you. What you absorb today is handed over to someone else tomorrow. This is the community of love that leads to real happiness.

The True Meaning of Success?

Happiness and success are delicately wound. You may think that you will feel successful when you have the corner office or get that shiny new Mercedes, but those things only leave you craving more. How many times have you accomplished something you thought would make you happy, only to find yourself wanting something else and feeling unsatisfied?

The true meaning of success is establishing a life that makes you feel emotionally and spiritually fulfilled. When you find yourself living an authentic life that embraces others you will feel successful. You will feel content. You will stop craving more, more and more.

Success comes to those who help others! Self-serving lifestyles lead to depression, anxiety, and struggle. Turn your focus outward and you will experience real happiness.What will you say the next time someone asks “how are you?” Make it a point not to give an inauthentic answer. Look up. Make eye contact. Embrace others, rather than pushing them away. ?

Finding Happiness within our Problems!

“Finding happiness is not the absence of problems!. Many of us would like to believe that if we had fewer problems we could be happier!. Or that if only we could solve this or that particular problem, then we’d be happy but as we all know no sooner one problem is solved …….along comes another! that’s the way life goes!”

“Solving a problem or two can be extremely gratifying, but as we are constantly being confronted by new problems and challenges, this isn’t really a way of finding happiness for very long!. Most of us know people who have huge problems!, or enormous difficulties……yet they are happy!.”

“Then there are those people who seem to have everything, but are miserable and unhappy!. So it seems, it’s not what happens in your life, it’s how you deal with it, that separates happy from unhappy people!.”

“Most people are about as happy as they make their minds up to be” – Abraham Lincoln

“We need our problems!. We cannot develop strength and character by avoiding adversity and struggle!. We need problems as form of resistance to make us grow strong!. In the end we do choose our own happiness or not!.”

It may sound too simple, “I choose to be happy, or not” when the source of our unhappiness seems to come at us from the outside, but that choice is the key to us either finding happiness or not.

It’s in our own hands……….and its very empowering!

Helping others to be happy!….One of the best ways of finding happiness, is to help others to become happy we can’t do it on our own, because we’re all connected to each other!. Try to make someone else happy everyday!. Even if you are not feeling particularly happy at the time, go out and make someone else happy, or just smile at the grumpy bus driver!. It has a knock on effect and may affect many more people than you know! and it will certainly make you much happier.

In the same way that you being bad tempered or rude has a knock on effect to others and will make you even more miserable!. It’s like sending out ripples of energy, either positive or negative…….you have the choice!

What goes around comes around!….it always comes back to you in the end. Basically there are two types of energy in the universe and inside of each us – positive and negative. We need both positive and negative energy to grow strong!.

Of course the positive would seem more desirable to most of us, but we do need the negative energy too! not to be afraid of, or to give in to, but to act as a resistance to push against, to strengthen our positive resolve. So we can use the negative energy in a positive way!. It’s a bit like; if we didn’t have night we wouldn’t know what day was!.

We also need to know unhappiness sometimes, in order to know real happiness and so we can understand and empathise with other people’s suffering. So we need our problems and difficulties to spur us on to finding happiness and with a positive, cheerful attitude to challenging our difficulties or problems we become stronger and………. yes happier too!.

So can we enjoy the struggle? – well….. most of the time!.

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