1. Thank you for uploading these videos. Very informative!

  2. all good stoff but weat grass the best

  3. Thanks for that great presentation!

  4. hey

  5. Always searching for informative healthy info. and when from a Dr. I listen
    carefully. Subscribed and favorited!

  6. Really informative video but just wish she would clarify that she is
    talking about Type 2 diabetes

  7. Living better and longer.

  8. IgnoranceAlliance

    …apparently you take it w/ vodka(?).

  9. I do think any change you make is good, stop smoking, stop drinking, I call
    it growing up.

  10. There is one and only one cause of aging: TIME. Nothing we can do about it
    with current technology. Get over it.

  11. Great video about Healthy Ageing! We’re organizing the Healthy Ageing
    Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, this upcoming 15th and 16th of November,
    which will give attendees the latest insights regarding the elderly &
    medical foods, marketing, sales & brand management, business management,
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  12. thank you very much for this lovely upload

  13. colonyofcells delacruz

    I already try to follow okinawa diet (lots of vegetables) and vegan diet
    (micronutrients food, no refined foods like sugar, oil, salt, no processed
    foods). Doing exercise after every meal and some weight training with cheap
    door frame pull up bar to help lower blood sugar. Planning on doing more
    strenuous exercise that can use up glycogen reserve storage in
    liver/muscles. I learned a lot of new health tips for old people like me.

  14. colonyofcells delacruz

    I agree with more leaves fewer seeds. For more micronutrients, my priority
    food are sprout, green leaf, seaweed, herb, mushroom. For more
    micronutrients, seeds/nuts, fermented plant food. For more protein,
    legumes. Excess protein is bad for health and we can thrive on very little
    protein like the african countries. For omega 3 fat, fish oil, algae oil,
    flax/chia powder, purslane. For more carb, fruit vegetable, fruit, roots,
    grain. If I eat fruit, I make sure I exercise to avoid triglycerides.

  15. colonyofcells delacruz

    Daily, I go over list of foods with vit a to zinc to be sure I get my
    micronutrients from real food (unrefined, unprocessed, containing
    fiber/water) and not rely on vitamin tablets which are missing thousands of
    micronutrients. I keep animal foods like meat, dairy, egg, seafood to a
    minimum or zero bec these are bad for health. I take vit b12 supplement to
    get my vit b12. For vit d, sunlight or brands of white mushrooms with vit d
    listed on the nutrition label. I like to eat natto for vit k2.

  16. like this very much!! She’s very cool!! 🙂

  17. looks like ‘do as i say not as i do’. She is, shall we say, matronly.?

  18. so does that mean if I wear gloves, I will therefore have warmer hands, and
    therefore be less stressed, which will mean I am more likely to get eaten
    by a lion?!?!

  19. Why not STOP AGING?? Since we can ONLY live “now”, oppose to yesterday or
    tomorrow, why not go into trance every morning and also put our DNA into a

  20. We are all one, life is omnipotent; therefore eternal. Maybe your eye will
    grow color after you find true Wisdom…

  21. Go to Richard E Ward on Facebook and check out “The Vertical Diet”. It is
    the End of Obesity. Turns out the answer was given to us long ago by Pavlov
    and Margret Mead. “For every Conditioned Response there is a Behavior

  22. Great lecture, thanks Ellen

  23. Wonderful So inspiring!

  24. nice and importment information to human being but they donot care about
    such information in early life

  25. great video~TY 4 psting! This is So true and right on. I through genetics,
    eating little, being active but no exercise regime, if I want to eat an
    entire cake once a year I will not deprive myself. I have a nice life and
    am blessed with good health, loving family and friends, and a great
    husband, etc. Every time I tell people I’m 39 EVERY one of them says no way
    you’re close to 39 or ask to prove it by leting them see my DL! Guess I’m
    lucky but I take nothing for granted. I appreciate the video.

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