The Pros & Cons of Applying Heat to Style Your Hair

file9051280219251When you’re straight out of the shower and you need to style your hair for the office or for a night out, what do you usually do? For most women, using a blow dryer, a hair straightening iron or a curling iron are the tools that they use.

All these are typically heat-operated. In the following sections, we will learn about the pros and cons of applying heat to style your hair, and dish out tips on how you can minimize the damage that heat brings to your precious locks.

The Pros of Using Heat-Operated Hair Styling Tools

What’s good about using heat-operated hair styling tools is that you can make your hair behave in such a way that you can bring out the texture that you want. Let’s say that you have wavy hair and you want to make it stick-straight. What you can do is use a straightening iron to tame your locks.

By the time that you finish using the iron on your hair, you will end up having stick-straight, shiny locks instead of its natural wavy texture. The same thing holds true if you want your otherwise straight hair to have romantic curls.

How about the Drawbacks?

Now, if there are benefits to using heat-operated tools to style your hair, there are drawbacks to it as well. If you frequently use such tools to get the hairstyle that you want, your locks might be left limp, dry, brittle or dull over time.

Your hair could even lose its natural shine. If you overuse the blow dryer, for example, it might leave your hair looking all frizzy overtime. Using the curling iron too much might burn off strands of your hair, or leave it weak and brittle over time.

The Ultimate Hair Care Solution for Heat-Styled Locks

So what is the solution if you would like to use such heat-operated styling tools, but without causing undue damage to your precious locks? First, if you really have to use heat-operated hair styling tools, make sure to wear a protective hair product beforehand. There are shampoos and conditioners in the market which protect the natural sheen of your hair despite your having to use heat to style your locks.

Second, you can go for non-heat operated styling tools. For instance, foam curlers can be applied to your locks and left for a few hours. Velcro rollers can be used to style your hair without having to apply heat as well. Third, when buying hair styling tools like curling iron or hair straightener, choose ones which are made from ceramic to minimize the damage to your hair.

More importantly, make sure to wash your hair regularly and use conditioning treatments frequently. Since your locks are going through too much styling, giving your hair the proper after-care treatment that it needs will keep your locks strong and shiny.

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Updated: July 12, 2013 — 2:15 am

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